Stats Don’t Matter

27th April, 2015. 4:10pm

NaBloPoMo, Friday, April 24, 2015

If you could teach all bloggers one lesson, what would it be?


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I know we all should care about site statistics. After all, it helps our blog get found online. But come to think about it, what is more important to you? Quality or quantity?

As someone who does Search Engine Optimization for a living, I’d say quality content is more important than high traffic, as it should be. Although SEO helps our blog/website “get famous” there are times when our content suffer because we are so obsessed with raising our site traffic.

It’s okay to admit it. I’m not going to judge you.

I always believe that if you love what you do, then you should continue doing it. However, if you’re doing it just for the sake of getting traffic, then might as well just stop. If your site traffic is booming because you are producing high quality content, then great! But if you’re just writing because you want to make sure your blog stays on Google’s first page, then stop. Just stop.

It’s not worth it.




2 thoughts on “Stats Don’t Matter

  1. I used to be concerned about high stats when I started blogging. I find that good content promotes traffic. I would think a quality content blog is more important than quantity. The few hundred followers I have now I hope are more interested in reading my posts rather than following just for the sake “to follow.” Likes should be the same way. If you read a post you enjoy, you should “like” it. Otherwise, you are being hypocritical and not caring about your readers or vice-versa.

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    • Same here. I hate it when someone tells me, “Follow back, please?” It’s like begging someone to be your friend. It shouldn’t be that way. When someone gets obsessed with site traffic and page rank, there’s a tendency that the quality of the post will suffer. That’s the sad part and harsh truth about blogging and bloggers.

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