How to blow holes on a ship: Once Upon a Time way

27th April, 2015. 1:55pm

Once Upon a Time 4x20 Lily - Robin Hood and Zelena as Maid MarianCan I just say, last night’s episode just blew me out of proportions in every way and NOT in a good way! That last five minutes of the episode is just WAY TOO MUCH for my ship and I’m so mad at Adam and Eddy for doing that!

When I said I want Zelena back on the show, I didn’t mean I want her blowing ginormous holes on my ship. I soooooooo did not anticipate this kind of low. It just hurts way too fucking much!!!

Once Upon a Time 4x20 Lily - OutlawQueenI’ve been patient with the show, despite how often the creators and the writers kill ships; SwanFire = CHECK! RumBelle = DOUBLE CHECK! SnowIng = CHECK! CHECK! CHECK! OutlawQueen = YES, THAT TOO! AND THERE’S LOADS MORE COMING UP!!! CaptainSwan = WATCH OUT! YOU’RE NEXT! I can’t even! Why do they make a habit of making us fall in love with these ships and then rip it out of our hearts and crush it a la Rumple and Regina?! WHY?!

I have been enjoying last night’s episode—Lily (listen to our “Lily” Initial Review over at ONCEPodcast!)—up until the last five minutes. Seriously. It just hurts way too fucking much I had to put my hands on my mouth for far too long so that neighbors wouldn’t hear me scream and freak out. I really expected that it would be Regina who will be pregnant, not Zelena.

Now, I’ve read some comments on Facebook that the show is endorsing rape. I know it’s a different kinda low for a fangirl to hear that, yet again, the writers ruined my ship, but to say that the show is endorsing rape? No. I don’t think so. First of all, Robin Hood CHOSE to be with Marian. Although he wasn’t aware that it wasn’t actually his wife, I don’t think it’s the show endorsing rape. Zelena is the Wicked Witch, of course she will do whatever it takes to take her half-sister down. And okay, it’s yucky that Zelena chose to go after her half sister’s boyfriend AND actually have sex with him, but come on! It’s not them endorsing rape.

Once Upon a Time 4x20 Lily - RumBelleMoving away from one holed ship to another, I just want to discuss RumBelle for a bit. It didn’t surprise me that Rumple wanted to go after Belle’s heart and give it back to her and okay, it’s sweet and honorable how he admitted to Belle his wrongdoings and actually let Will to protect Belle’s heart BUT, I really hope it’s not a sign that they are bringing Rumple back in Belle’s loving arms. He has done so many wrong things than he did right. He has deceived her more times than he could make deals, so don’t tell me they’re bring them back together?! Just no! That ship has sunk in lower than the Titanic.

What’d you think about Little Green Hood? Were you just as heartbroken as I was? Sound ’em all below and let’s all locked ourselves down at Regina’s vault and cry ’til this season’s over.




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