3 of 3: The Flower Vendor’s Daughter

27th April, 2015. 5:43pm

Writing 101, Day Sixteen: Third Time’s the Charm

Today’s Prompt: Imagine you had a job in which you had to sift through forgotten or lost belongings. Describe a day in which you come upon something peculiar, or tell a story about something interesting you find in a pile.
Today’s twist: If you’d like to continue our serial challenge, also reflect on the theme of lost and found more generally in this post.

In your “lost and found” tale, tell us something larger — a life lesson, perhaps — about finding and losing something.


Photo c/o: forwallpaper.com

We’ve finally come to our final part! Before continuing on the tale, I wanted to first thank everyone who read The Stable Boy and The Princess and The Man Who Changed Her World. These stories were like a mini book to me. I’m pretty sure it’s not NaNoWriMo material, but I’m glad I was able to finish it and you were with me along the way.

Mama said that when I found love, it doesn’t matter who it is; what’s important is that I did. She also said that you’ll know you have fallen in love when the other person makes you feel complete. That’s exactly what I felt when I met the flower vendor’s daughter.

She was always there, outside the palace, selling flowers. Sometimes it’s daisies and orchids, most of the time it’s roses. The flower vendor’s daughter and her mother don’t really have a permission to sell flowers outside the palace, but Father said they could at least do their business near the gate, as long as they are not interfering with palace business.

So I always visit her and buy flowers even if I don’t really have a need for it. I just love seeing her, talk to her after my classes, share stories with her. She and I saw each other grew up, and I know that, from the moment I confessed my love for her, she feels the same way, too.

I have always admired my parents; They love each other so much. If fairy tale is real, they would make the perfect Prince and Princess. Their love story is a perfect bed time story; something every future couple should follow. Not only were they loveable, they also were the best King and Queen our kingdom has ever had. They were great leaders, and the kingdom loved them. Which is why when I told my mother that I think I found love in the flower vendor’s daughter, and that I wanted to ask her for a dinner at our palace, she simply smiled and hugged me tightly; Mother was the most non-judgmental person I have ever met.

“Of course, I wanted to meet her. I want to meet the woman who is making my young man smile so wide,” she says, genuine happy smile evident on her eyes.

“Thank you, Mama. I know you will like her.”

I then went outside to seek permission from her Mother of my plans, and I’m glad she said Yes. Two days later, I found myself up in my room feeling nervous for the most important evening of my life.

Despite the fact that my Mother and Father were the King and Queen of our kingdom, we decided it’s best if we keep things simple. Instead of doing it on the big dining hall, Mama and I decided to hold the dinner in our private small dining room. Come 7 in the evening, my love and her mother were being escorted by the knights. She looked beautiful. She may not have a royal blood but she’s definitely more beautiful than any Princesses I have seen and known.

“You didn’t bring your father,” I asked as I took her hand and walk with them to the dining room. “I’m so sorry, my Prince, my husband is busy with his work today,” her Mother answered for her.

“Of course. My apologies. I didn’t mean to pry or be disrespectful of your private life.”

“Oh, no, my Prince. No apologies necessary. My daughter and I were thrilled that you summoned us here on your palace.” I told her mother that it wasn’t a summon; they were invited; they’re our guests. And when we reached the dining room, they were greeted with the most gracious smiles and welcome not from the King and Queen, but from my parents.

“So this is the girl who is keeping my boy inspired,” my Mother said, bowing to my love and her mother as well as giving them tight hugs like they have been friends for a long time. Although my girl and her mother were obviously shy, they manage to have a nice conversation with my parents. It was all great until the conversation went about her father.

“My husband owns a stable. He and I were childhood friends. It took us a long time to fall in love because he loved someone else but once he professed his love for me, I knew I couldn’t let that chance pass. It took us a longer time to have a child but it was okay, my daughter right here was God’s greatest gift to us,” her mother shares, beaming with love in her eyes.

Mama, on the other hand, fell unusually quiet. She just nervously smiled, and excuse herself. I don’t know what happened there, so I followed my mother to check up on her.

“Mama, is there something wrong? Did she say anything to upset you?” I asked.

“No, my dear. I’m just not feeling well. Will you go back there and apologize for me? I really need to go to bed now.” I still don’t understand why she suddenly acted that way, but I went back to the dining room anyway and finish our meal.

Despite my Mother’s sudden excuse, my Father kept us entertained. He shared how he and her mother fell in love, and my love’s mother told us how her own father got his heart-broken because of a beautiful Princess who turned out to like other Princesses. It would have been the perfect night had Mama didn’t suddenly take off, since my Father gave me my blessing right there to marry the flower vendor’s daughter.

“I would love to meet your father soon,” Daddy informed them. “Of course, your Majesty. I will talk to my Papa, soon. Thank you for being so kind to me and my mother.”

I then escorted them out and asked our guards to safely take them back to their home. In three days, I will meet her father. I have to make sure Mama is okay with it, so the next day, I went to her bedroom to talk to her.

When I walk inside, it was empty. I tried inside her closet, but she was nowhere to be seen. However, there lay a box filled with what seemed like letters and journals. I don’t know what happened to me, but something in me told me I should grab the box and see what’s inside it.

I know it’s bad to pry, but I did it anyway. When I opened the letter and started reading it, it all suddenly became clear to me. I recognized that handwriting. It was the same handwriting that my love showed me a couple of times. I have never met this person, but I know that my Mother’s first love was the same man who my love’s mother said was her husband.

Oh, how cruel fate must be.

I wanted to run to my mother, apologize for what I just did. The Stable Boy’s letters for her was a clear evident that they shared a love so true. However, when I come to read the last letter, I was shocked by what I read. I never knew it was my own Mother that my love’s mother was talking about; she once had an affair with another Princess. That’s why the Stable Boy left her.

When my Mother told me it doesn’t matter who I fell in love with, I thought she was talking about my Father. I thought she was just being modest; a good Queen. I know better now. She was drawing from a real life experience, and she doesn’t want to rob me of potential future just because the woman I love doesn’t have a drop of Royal blood in her. She doesn’t want to do what her own parents did to her.

The day that we shall meet the flower vendor’s daughter arrived and I still haven’t talked nor seen my Mother. Father said she visited a friend on a nearby kingdom, but I know it’s just her way to avoid the situation. Still, Father assures me that she will be there in time for the dinner.

Just before the gates opened for us to welcome her family, my father handed me a small box. “I gave this to your mother when I asked her hand in marriage. I want you to give this to your future bride,” he said. “But Daddy, Mama doesn’t know.”

“She does. She’s actually the one who told me to give it to you.”

“Where’s Mama? I thought she’s going to be here,” I asked my Father. “She will be here, son. She won’t miss the most important night of her only son’s life.” I don’t know what my Father knows, so I just smiled and welcomed my future in-laws with open arms. Together, we gave a tour of the palace. But before I took my love’s hand, I bowed to her Father as a sign of respect.

The flower vendor’s daughter’s Father looked older than his age, but he seemed to be the same Stable Boy that my Mother described in her journal. I don’t know if the man knew who he’s meeting with exactly, but there certainly was an air of nervousness and tension around him; like he was expecting to be executed any minute.

As we were giving them a tour of the palace, the Stable Boy stopped at a painting of a man with the horse. It was a painting that a friend of Mama’s painted for her during one of her birthdays; it was my Mother’s favorite and although I don’t understand why at the time—it was just a simple painting of a man and his horse—now I do. All these time, Mama’s love for the Stable Boy never faded. She loves my Father, but there has always been a place for the Stable Boy in her heart.

I wanted to talk to the Stable Boy about his relationship with my Mother, but decided it’s best to let them deal with it themselves. I left the Stable Boy who was still looking at the painting to be with my love when Mama entered the room. The look on their faces screamed confusion, sadness, and love.

I wanted to run in his arms when I saw him standing in front of the painting. I love my husband, but I can’t deny the fact that he was gone in my heart. He’s still there; Always has been. I wanted so much to look him in the eye, tell him how much I miss him; his tight hug; the way he holds my hand and tells me how things would eventually get better. But I can’t. We are both married, and our children will tie the knot soon.

So when I reached him, I simply said, “It’s nice to finally meet my Son’s future father-in-law.” He looked deep into my eyes, breathed heavily, and said, “Same here, your Majesty.” I smiled, bowed my head, and turned for the door, but I completely had my back turned on him, he suddenly grabbed my hand and gave me the tightest hug anyone can give me.

We don’t words to say how we feel towards one another. The silence, our breathing and our bodies touching are enough to express what we feel. After what felt like ages, we parted. It was then that I knew, the Stable Boy and I have made peace. We are both ready to move past our former relationship and decided to just be happy for our children. I then escorted him to the dining room, where my husband, my son, and his future family awaits.

I don’t know what happened between my Mother and my love’s Father on the other room, but I can tell that the cold air is gone. When I kneel down to ask my love’s hand in marriage, Mama and the Stable Boy grinned the biggest. We exchanged congratulatory speeches, and decided to have a simple wedding, which will be followed by an announcement to the entire kingdom of our union.

The King and Queen asked for us to stay inside the palace, but I decided to live a simple life with my new wife for a while. I told them that if I am to be King someday, I wanted to know what my subject’s life really is like. I want to be proven worthy of my title.

And when we finally have our own daughter, and us taking over the throne, I vowed that I will continue to do the great job that my parents started. I made sure to allow anyone to fall in love and marry whoever they love, even if they don’t share the same status in life.

Our life wasn’t perfect, either—it wasn’t a happily ever after kind of ending—but we managed to triumph all the challenges thrown our way.

We were happy in our own way. That, I think, is what’s important.





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