Sympathy for the De Vil Rewatch: Unsavioring the Savior

20th April, 2015. 6:55pm

Emma talking to Regina - Once Upon a Time 4x19 Sympathy for the De VilI’m currently in the middle of re-watching last night’s episode of Once Upon a Time entitled, Sympathy for the De Vil and I noticed that finally, Regina echoed my thoughts about Emma’s actions towards her parents. Here, watch:

For those who are curious, here’s what they said:
Regina: You’re acting like a petulant child! Your parents did a bad thing. They’ve apologized. Now, get over it!
Emma: Forgive me if I don’t take advice from the woman who held a grudge for half her life because a ten-year old spilled a secret.

I mean, I understand Emma more than anyone. It’s hard to find out that your parents aren’t who they said they were, and she has every right to be mad at them for taking her potential darkness away and whisking it to an innocent child, but come on, Emma! Regina was right. I agree that your parents are probably two of the idiotic heroes I have ever known for doing that and all for what, selfish reasons, but you also have to remember that you’re no longer a child. You gotta move on, girl.

Crazy Cruella

Crazy Cruella - Once Upon a Time 4x19 Sympathy for the De VilThe first time I heard that Cruella Dev Il is going to be appearing on Once Upon a Time as one of the Queens of Darkness, I wasn’t too excited about it. 101 Dalmatians was never one of my favorite movies, so I don’t really get the fuzz. However, I have grown to love this version of Cruella. She’s funny, she’s sassy, and she’s cray-cray like Zelena!

To learn that she’s a true villain and that twist in the end about BIG CRUELLA SPOILER! HOVER AT YOUR OWN RISK! reminds of the classic Once Upon a Time I fell in love with in the first place. It’s very much like how the show was in season 1. Plus, for once the creators presented a character who is a villain just because she is a crazy, sociopath who finds killing innocent people fancy. I don’t know if she’s SPOILER, I mean, because this is Once Upon a Time and people always come back even if they said they’re SPOILER, but I kind of hoping she isn’t… yet. Cruella’s really fun to watch!

Unsavioring the Savior

Emma vs Cruella - Once Upon a Time 4x19 Sympathy for the De VilAnd now we are in the most interesting part of the show—turning Emma dark. I get it, in a show like this, killing is killing but I don’t think SPOILER ALERT! DO NOT HOVER IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THE EPISODE is reason enough for Emma to turn evil. She was simply trying to protect her son from his captor. Emma’s a mother, of course she’s gonna do whatever it takes to protect her son. Was it wrong to kill someone? Of course it is. Did she act out of rage and anger? Absolutely! Was it selfish like how the Evil Queen asked to massacre an entire town back in season two? Nope. Those are two different situations.

Towards the end of the episode, the Author said that the end of the story that Rumple is envisioning is SPOILER!. He also wrote this:

Cruella Happy Ending - Once Upon a Time 4x19 Sympathy for the De VilOkay, so Cruella’s happy ending is to get her ability to kill another person back. She is powerless against Emma, but Emma doesn’t know that. Besides, just because Cruella can’t kill Henry doesn’t mean she can’t hurt him. There’s a big difference between those two. Of course, I may not know what I’m talking about because I’m not a mother, but I guess that’s what mothers do when their kid’s life are being threatened.

Emma after killing Cruella - Once Upon a Time 4x19 Sympathy for the De VilOn the other hand, I’m really looking forward to seeing Emma go dark. I swear, in that photo above I was expecting Emma’s eyes to turn into black after she blasted Cruella, like what happened when someone was being possessed by a demon on Charmed.

Charmed Source possession

Photo c/o:

And then, there’s this:

Emma threatening Lily - Once Upon a Time 4x20 LilySeriously, I think Emma’s on her way to turning evil, because she sounded EXACTLY like Regina when Cruella threatened Henry and she (Regina) said, “Lay a hand on my son and I’ll end you”, only here, Emma was telling Lily, “Lay a hand on them (her parents) and I’ll end you.” Dun dun dun dun dun!!! Trust me, we’re going to see Black Swan next season, if not by the end of the season and yes, I AM SOOOOOO FREAKING EXCITED ABOUT IT!





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