Spring Resolution 2015

20th April, 2015. 5:25pm

NaBloPoMo, Monday, April 20, 2015

Set a spring resolution: what is one thing you’re going to do differently this spring to grow as a blogger?


Photo c/o: theplanetd.com

Well, since we don’t have Spring in the Philippines, I think I get a free pass from this? LOL, just kidding.

It’s really hard to set a resolution. One, because I don’t have a New Year’s resolution, let alone attempt to try setting up some so why would I even start with a spring version of it? Second, it’s just really hard to write when you’re listening to a podcast at the same time. It’s like listening to your friends have fun when you yourself have to work. It’s pure torture I’d have to stop a while and think about what I’m gonna say next.

But since we’re already here, I think there are a few things I really wanted to change about myself as a blogger. Like being a Superwoman and keep fooling myself I can do a gazillion tasks in one day everyday.

I admit, I really, REALLY enjoy everything I do everyday, no matter busy I get every single day. However, there’s always a part of me that wants to tell myself how crazy I am for taking so many tasks and actually attempting to pull them off every day because seriously, doing what I do is INHUMAN! This is actually why I had a fight with a guy about two weeks ago because he wanted to go out on a Wednesday, which is like, the craziest day for me, but that’s an entirely different blog post.

ANYWAY… Back to the topic…

If there’s one thing I really wanted to change or want to do differently to grow as a blogger, it’s to post relevant posts more often. When I started this blog, it was filled with posts about things that came out of mind out of nowhere. It’s exactly what I would write on my Facebook Status (with that whole “What’s on your mind?” thing) except I wouldn’t because I don’t really want anyone I know to know. These days, however, my posts were all about NaBloPoMo and writing courses and all that, that I sometimes feel like I’m a little bit leaning away from my blog’s main theme. Hopefully, one day, I’ll get to go back to that again.

PS: If my post doesn’t make sense, please forgive me. I’m still in the middle of listening to this podcast while writing my post.





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