People Sucks. PERIOD.

 17th April, 2015. 6:30pm

NaBloPoMo, Friday, April 17, 2015

What was the hardest part about growing up?

Queen and Jhack

Me (holding a GINORMOUS Tweety bird) and my sister

Growing up is fun, but it’s never easy. No matter how many times I tried to fool myself, growing up just sucks. And thanks to the elders for being the source of suckiness.

If I’m gonna have to talk to myself or even get the chance to warn my 12-year old self, I would have told her to toughen up more, because life is just so mean and shitty and people sucks. I would have told her to be stronger, because the mean girls at school will pick on her because her right eyebrow is unusually set high, and they would think she’s being haughty, and that one of them will confront her before she graduates in high school. I would have told my 12-year old self to get her shit together, because no one else will understand her but herself. Not even her parents. Not even her siblings or best friends.

It seemed shallow now how much of a quiet girl I was when I was young. But now that I think about it, it made me realized that things would have been worse if I didn’t join the dance troupe. I actually learned more with the group than with my teachers. I learned valuable stuff about life more than formulas and periodic table of elements. I learned the importance of time and professionalism. Still, that doesn’t mean I had an easy childhood because I just didn’t.

Some may think I’m just simply a whiny little girl who complains about everything but if you were in my shoes, you’d understand. They think it’s easy to grow up as the youngest because they always give you a leeway, but the truth is it sucks. They expect you to act how your older sister or cousins do and when you messed up, well, then, honey, you’re fucked.





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