That time when I finally learned a thing or two about life…

13th April, 2015. 5:26pm

NaBloPoMo, Monday, April 13, 2015

Talk about a time of great emotional growth.

Parent-Kid Role Reversal

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They say you have no choice but to grow up when one of your parents die. It’s true, but it wasn’t until my Dad went to Neverland that made my world turn upside down.

I was barely 18 when my Mom passed away, and while I already prepared myself to spend the rest of my life without Mommy, I wasn’t prepared to lose my father to whores and bitches. There I was, barely 18 years old, already facing the wrath of this so-called life.

At the time I was just so confused with what’s going on. I kept asking myself and talking to my Mom how my Dad could have found someone else after only a few months since she died. My siblings and I were put to the test. It made us stronger, and I certainly emotionally aged a decade because of that, but it wasn’t until about three years ago that I finally learned how to deal with all his bullshit.

It all started when he and I had an argument about why I chose to work from home. I didn’t really want to explain to everyone why because they wouldn’t understand, but he, like the warfreak he is, specifically told me that from that day forward, he and I should stay away from each other’s business. It was annoying, but it was something I knew I could live with.

When my Dad started going out with the whore he’s currently with, at first my relatives kept telling us to get rid of it. Trust me, I was tempted. I went all out on Facebook and Twitter expressing my rage, but slowly, I realized that the only one I’m hurting is, no not him, but myself.

So I decided to quit yapping and start focusing on the things that matters most: myself and my siblings.

Now, every time people say things about him or that whore, I just pretend to listen to them when really, I was secretly thinking of other things. It’s not ignoring my feelings either, no. I think I’m more tired of the situation to even deal with anymore. I just don’t care anymore. Now, when something happens, I tried my best not to post something online, because really, what good would it do to me if I rant?

Since I did that, I found out I was happier. Despite the fact that he and I are practically strangers to each other, it’s okay. I’m happy. I’m not giving up that one day he’ll come to his senses and he’ll get rid of it himself, but until then, I think I’m just gonna have to sit here in my bedroom and read than deal with his bullshit. People say it’s hard to raise a kid? Yeah, well, try raising a parent.




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