Writer’s Quote Wednesday: WHERE’S THE PIZZA???

08th April, 2015. 3:20pm

This week’s Writer’s Quote Wednesday by Silver Threading is all about the pizza for me. I have been saving this particular quote that I found over at Epic Reads for a while now (I just never had the chance to post it) because I love what Vanishing Girls‘ author Lauren Oliver said. I wasn’t a big fan of her book, Before I Fall, probably because I read that after Gayle Forman’s If I Stay, which kinda talks about the same thing. However, I agree with everything that she said, and it’s not just because she related writing to pizza.

That being said, I share with you all my favorite pizza, I mean writer’s quote of the week:

Lauren Oliver Quote on Writing NaNoWriMo

Photo c/o: galleryhip.com

I liked what she said because it’s true. Just like pizza, I also don’t believe that there is such a thing as bad writing. Okay, fine, not totally, but you get what I mean, right? Whether your writing is bad, it’s okay. It’s okay to write crap than not to write at all. It’s with writing crap that you get to enhance your writing skills. And just like a day old or cold pizza, it’s still writing and I’m sure you’ll agree that finishing a story feels so damn good.

Now, my only question is:

Jennifer Lawrence Where's the Pizza gif

Photo c/o: reactiongifs.com




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