Let them mess up…

08th April, 2015. 5:27pm

NaBloPoMo, Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Do you think it’s a good idea to help kids set future expectations for when they grow up? Why or why not?

Kids talking to their parents

Photo c/o: smilingcrow.co

I believe that it is every parent’s responsibility to teach their kids good manners and right conduct. While the schools have religion for a subject (at least here in the Philippines, we do), every kid should first learn proper values inside their home. However, I also believe in freewill and are, therefore, every kid should be able to make their own mistakes.

I was scarred for life for something the adults thought I did. I didn’t get affected because of what I did, but for the lack of explanation of why they thought it was wrong. I was 12, and I told the boy he could not court me because we’re still too young. Do you know what they did when they found out the boy’s letters? My Dad went to the boy and told him to leave me alone. My Mom and my brother even yelled at me for “flirting with some boy at such a young age.” I was horrified  when that happened! I can’t remember how many times I cried for that one stupid mistake that I know who actually caused what, but it was something that did a great impact in my life.

Look at me now, I’m 29 and I’m still single. Great job, folks!

You see, the point is, it is okay to guide the kids; talk to them about the things that can happen to them as they grow older. However, IT IS NEVER OKAY TO DICTATE EVERY SINGLE FREAKING THING because trust me, you’re only making it worse for them.

As cliché as it may sound, I believe that children are our future. So teach them well, and let them lead the way. If they fucked up, that’s okay. Help them to get back up, hold their chins high, and keep walking. **Okay, Whitney!




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