Book Review: The Wicked Will Rise (by Danielle Paige)

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03rd April, 2015. 12:15pm

Okay, first of all. WHAT THE FUCK?! After reading the last page, I felt like my brain is gonna be ripped the same way it did the Scarecrow. It was a total mind-fuck.

I’ve enjoyed reading Dorothy Must Die, because it twisted anything I have known about The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, but this one? This sequel? It just blew everything out of proportions! My head hurts just thinking about everything that has happened in The Wicked Will Rise.

But first things first. What I liked about this was the fact that it was action-packed. I was blown away when Amy triumphed the Lion. That was wicked! And Ozma! Oh my God! I love her! I also love how I was introduced to the many layers of Oz. I love the Wizard of Oz. I am a big Wicked fan. The Wicked Witch arc on Once Upon a Time was one of my favorites, but everything that happened in this book, every addition to the story? I love it! Every bit of it.

Now, on to my questions and theories. I sensed at some point that Amy will come into power, and that when she did, she will even be more powerful than Dorothy. I also figured that, when Dorothy snatched Amy’s possessions from her, she would have wanted it for herself; use it or absorb it herself. I was wrong, of course, in saying that Dorothy wanted it for herself. But I was somewhat right, someone else did want it. After Dorothy Must Die, I thought long and hard what those three have anything to do with Dorothy’s demise. It didn’t make sense at the time, but the more I read into The Wicked Will Rise, the more I understand. It was twisted, and although I have predicted it (only it happened to the wrong person), I loved that it turned out that way. However, what fucked my brain up was the last chapter. I mean, WHY and WHAT THE FUCK, Danielle Paige? I feel so sad for Kansas already and we’re not even on the third book yet.

When I was reading The Wicked Will Rise, I knew that at some point Amy would be asked to step into one of the dead witches’ place. I was right. But now I’m concerned about that little pink bitch that is Dorothy Gale. Seriously, if I have my own powers I’m gonna vanquish her myself.

Speaking of that girl, I thought she was gonna transform into the Wicked Witch of the West when she rose from the death. The way she was described—greenified with red lips and red sparkly pumps-reminded me so much of Once Upon a Time’s Zelena. But does that bitch have nine lives? She was so annoying I wanted to throw books at her the entire time.

Before I go, I also have to commend the author’s writing style. Reading The Wicked Will Rise, like I did Dorothy Must Die, felt like I was with Amy Gumm as she goes through her wild adventures in Oz. Amy’s inner monologue and manner of speaking felt very much like I was talking to myself. At some point I even felt like she (the author) was thinking about me as she was writing the story. Of course, it’s far from the truth but hey, a girl can dream, can’t she?

If you are still having second thoughts about reading this, stop. Just go ahead and start reading the books. You’ll never regret it, I’m sure. If you didn’t like it, I’d be happy to buy your copy for a double price.

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PS: QUESTIONS AND THEORY TIME!!! Please note that these are my own. I didn’t get it from anywhere else. It’s also filled with spoilers so if you don’t want it, please close the browser now.









Still here? I’m serious. Go!





Fine! Stay. But don’t say I didn’t warn you.

1. If the Order made it to Kansas, it means that Oz and Kansas are now one and the same. Did the rest of Oz got sent to Kansas, as well?

2. If there were four Witches standing, and two were occupied by Glamora and Amy, who’s the other two? Mombi and Gert? Dorothy? I don’t know about you, but that little pink bitch should be burned at stake.

3. I don’t think it will be the last time we’ll get to see the Wizard. I just have a feeling that the old man’s still out there somewhere… over the rainbow or flying off in his balloon or something.

4. The voice could be from Dorothy’s father. Could be Pete, but I’m betting on her father.

5. Amy’s mom will find her, and will be shocked (and/or terrified) of her “transformation.”

6. Either Glamora or Mombi will burst Glinda’s balloon of delusion. It is only in this version of the Wizard of Oz retelling that I hated Glinda so much.

7. Ozma and Pete are separated for good. But something changed about them, or one of them… and it’s bad!

8. Killing Dorothy will not be easy. She may not even die in the end.




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