Stuck in the Middle

2nd April, 2015. 4:40pm

NaBloPoMo, Thursday, April 2, 2015

Is it possible to age without growing? Why or why not?

Aging vs Growing

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This prompt is really shitty, you know. Is it possible to age without growing? OF COURSE, IT IS! Depending on how you view it, of course, (*how you define “grow”, that is) but still, one can age without growing.

What exactly am I talking about? Immaturity. And yes, even physical growth.

Sometimes, I hate being a small girl. Sometimes it has its perks. A few weeks ago, me and my friends pass by the casino that is inside Resorts World Manila so we can get inside this hotel, which is also connected to the mall. Upon entering the casino, the guards asked me (after checking my bag), “Miss, how old are you?” Are you kidding me?! ARE YOU F*CKING KIDDING ME?! I mean, sure, thank you for making me feel young but hey, do I really look like a 16-year-old??? (**Actually, maybe I do. Even my own brother thinks I’m only 16. WOW.)

It’s actually quite funny because I was even wearing a red lipstick that night. We didn’t plan to play, we’re just passing by. It was so funny and annoying at the same time. And I swear, every time I go to that particular casino, the guards always asks my age. It’s almost as if they’re pulling a prank on me!

On the other hand, one thing I like about being small is that when I’m commuting, jeepney drivers think I’m still a student, so they always give me a discounted fare (unless, of course, I give an exact amount). I know it’s wrong, but hey, I didn’t ask for it!

Another thing that I like about my height is that when people asked how old I am and I make them guess, they always, ALWAYS make me ten years younger. Maybe it’s an Asian thing. Either that or I’m just really that small. Ugh.

Now, for the other kind of “growing”…

I believe that maturity knows no age. You can be twelve and have a mindset of a 40-year old. On the other hand, you can be sixty and act like you’re a freaking, hormonal high school student. It’s annoying, but that’s the truth.

I can actually name a few people who are like this. But, for the sake of my own safety, let’s just keep them anonymous, shall we? I have to admit, sometimes I get stuck in the middle myself. But I’d also like to think that despite those episodes, I always manage to snap back to reality and act my age. I can’t be too sure if I’m right, but I’d like to believe I am; I grow as I age.

Some people are too smart for their own age. Some people are simply late bloomers. And then, unfortunately, some are just stuck in limbo. Never growing, only aging.




9 thoughts on “Stuck in the Middle

  1. I’ve worked with the elderly for a few years, and let me tell you, I only ever met one that actually grew as they aged. The rest were stuck in high school and never ever “learned” a single life-lesson. It can be quite upsetting. How do you get to be 90 and never learned a thing?



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