Fooling April Fool’s

01st April, 2015. 12:41pm

NaBloPoMo, Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Tell us about your best home-grown April Fools prank.


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Call me boring, or whatever you want, but it’s during this time a year when I simply don’t care. While most people think of a clever way to try to fool everyone, I’m lying in my bed, trying to catch up on my reading.

I mean, sure, April Fool’s Day should be just another day where you’re free to harmlessly prank anyone, but, see, I just don’t have the leisure to do it. I have never done it, in fact. I just find it silly and an utter waste of time.

Maybe I’m getting older, or maybe I’m just too tight that I can’t even take a joke. Well. guess what? I DON’T CARE! While y’all are trying to fool someone on this day, I’m sitting here working my ass off, trying to catch up to today’s extremely high workload.

That being said, please don’t think about trying to prank me today. That is, if you don’t want me to go all Evil Queen on you. And no, this isn’t me trying to pull off an April Fool’s. I’m really fucking busy today.





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