News is News. Period.

30th March, 2015. 4:31pm

NaBloPoMo, Monday, March 30, 2015

Do you believe the adage that bad news sells better than good news? Do you find yourself getting more response to negative posts than positive ones?


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I don’t always tune in to news (not anymore, at least), but when I do, I don’t usually care whether it’s good or bad news. News is news. Period. What matters isn’t its goodness or badness, it’s what captures my interest more.

To be honest, it all depends on what the news is all about. I mean, I could pretend that I care so much about everything that is going on in the world forever, but that would be pretentious, wouldn’t it? No, I gotta say that, when it comes to responding to news, any news, it’s all about the content of the news—what it’s all about; who’s involved; what happened; when did it happen—things that makes you want to tune in and know more. It doesn’t have to be a good news or a bad one. I don’t care about them. I care about what the reporter is reporting about. That’s what I respond to more. Not if it’s a good or a bad thing.




3 thoughts on “News is News. Period.

    • I agree. Usually, when something piques my interest, I usually Google about it, see it any other news source reports about it… THEN I would decide. If it infuriates me, then I might go on Twitter, FB or blog about it. If I can ignore it, even if it’s that big a news, then I simply try to move on with my life.



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