Book Review: The Red Queen (by Victoria Aveyard)

30th March, 2015. 4:51pm

Red Queen cover

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The first time I tried watching Game of Thrones, I didn’t make it past the first 30 minutes. It was too boring, too gruesome for me. But Red Queen, while it had all the gruesomeness that one can associate with Game of Thrones, captured my full, undivided interest.

Although there were parts that I find slow, pages that I would have been fine without, I liked how Victoria Aveyard found a way to tell a story that will make you hate the villain so much and question everything you’ve learned from the last hundred pages or so. All throughout, all I ever wanted was to wring Elara and Evangeline’s neck. They’re that bad. And when Maven’s real motive was revealed, I wish I’d have Mare’s ability so I can electrocute him myself.

One of the lessons I have learned from this book is this particular line:

Red Queen Quotes

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In our world today, this makes the most sense. It’s also true what it has been constantly said throughout the book: Anyone can betray anyone.” Everyone has got something to say about anyone, and even within the family, this can happen. I wouldn’t say this is my favorite high fantasy novel, but this definitely has a potential for either good TV or movie. I hope someone from the film industry will turn this novel into a movie. Its potential is off the charts. That much I agree. And I would definitely watch it if they turned this into a movie.

I have read a couple of books depicting dystopia, but this is one world that I never wanted to be in. In the world of high fantasy novels, this is definitely one of the bests, but after the last page, I figured I’d rather be a citizen of Panem and volunteer as Tribute than be in Mare’s world and become a Red, a Silver, or both.

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15 thoughts on “Book Review: The Red Queen (by Victoria Aveyard)

  1. Is the book too depressing? when i read Game of Thrones I go through this endless cycle of happiness…then sadness…and then i get angry…I like stories with resolution, happy things happening from time to time.


    • I haven’t read Game of Thrones, so I don’t know if you would like it or not. But reading Red Queen gave me so many level of feels. I laughed, got pissed, rooted for many characters (especially the protagonist), questioned everything, and, at one point, wondered what the f*ck is happening. Was it a happy ending? No. I don’t think so. But it gave me enough reason to want to wait for the next book. It’s not my number one favorite high fantasy novel, but it’s definitely in my top five.


            • Miss Peregrine’s Home for the Peculiar Children by Ranson Riggs? Oh yes! Love that series! I’ve been waiting for the third book, but it hasn’t come out yet.

              Wait, did you just say you’re starting to read the Harry Potter now? Or are you re-reading them for the, oh I don’t know, hundredth time? Haha!


              • I stare at the book everytime I walk by it. I hear it’s great. Yes, unfortunately, I watched all the movies before reading them…so now I am reading each one…and then rewatching the movie. Makes me sad because there is no series out there that has gripped me as much as the Harry Potter series.


                • Oh, you did the right thing. Watching the movies first before reading the books, that is. Otherwise, you would be so disappointed with the movies (although the movies are all great, too, unlike other book-to-film series that were done before or after Harry Potter). And you’re right, Harry Potter is one of the rare books that will capture you and toss you around, making your world turn upside down, like a Womping Willow would (although, I won’t deny I love the Hunger Games series, too. It’s my favorite next to Harry Potter).


                  • Yeah, Hunger Games was good too…was NOT happy with the last book for sure. Left me angry and confused. I hope and pray Rowling, creates a new series…a new point of view of the Harry Potter world. Maybe a new character, something into the future like the life of his child or children.



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