Writing 101, Anyone?

23rd March, 2015. 4:29pm

Writing 101Writing 101 is back in April and I am joining. Anyone here who’s up for it? I know I can barely keep up with my every day life, but I am absolutely adding this course into my already busy weekly schedule.

I’ve enjoyed every online writing courses that I enrolled into so far, so yes, even if this will just make my schedule crazier, I told myself, “well, fuck it, I am joining. I am, after all, superwoman.” I hope one of you will join me in the course, as well. I’d definitely love to see some familiar faces (err, names) in there.






4 thoughts on “Writing 101, Anyone?

  1. Hi,

    I noticed your post in the Reader. This seems interesting and I’m sure I’ll gain from it. However I am curious about many things. One doubt I have…is there an order in which I should do these courses? Say if there are Blogging 101 courses, is it better to do them first and then move on to Writing 101? Bloggers who have already walked down this path would know the right way, so I asked you.

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    • Hi! I did take the Blogging courses before the Writing courses, but you don’t have to take it if you don’t want to. The Blogging courses are different than the Writing courses. Blogging courses introduces you to the Blogging world. It’s more than just creating a post. They introduce you to customizing your blog design, stats, community events, etc. Whereas the Writing courses focuses on heavy writing, depending on what you’re taking. I once took Writing 201 even if I haven’t tried Writing 101, and that’s because the last one, Writing 201: Poetry, interests me. I am taking Writing 101 this April because 1. I haven’t taken it, and; 2. I’m a sucker for writing courses.

      Take it if you want to. You can learn a lot about writing. Plus, it will definitely enhance your writing skills. Hope to see you there!


      • Thanks for sharing this information. I’m sure all courses are useful for one reason or the other. You said…hope to see you there. Where? Is it like some real enclosed community that forms, and how much interaction and time/commitment will be needed doing that for this whole month? Am asking funny questions…so thanks again.


        • I meant see you at Writing 101, if you’re planning to take it. When you signed up for a course, you can have an access to the Commons, which is equivalent to Hogwarts’ The Common Room. It’s a closed website/forum where you can interact with fellow writers/bloggers about the course. You can ask advice, share your work, or anything related to the course. As for commitment, as long as you completed the task, it’s okay. You don’t have to do it everyday if you can’t because of your tight schedule. You can always catch up during the weekends, but most of us do it everyday. Usually, they give one assignment per day to do, so five assignments each week. And no worries. Glad to be of help.



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