Right Down The Middle

20th March, 2015. 3:25pm

NaBloPoMo, Friday, March 20, 2015

Would you ever want to be on the front lines, reporting from a conflict? Why or why not?

NESN Reporter Gets Ready For Standup

Photo c/o: mic.com

It’s one thing to receive a news, it’s another to deliver them. Whether it be good or not, reporting news never gets easy. Perhaps that’s the reason why I never choose to pursue Broadcast Journalism as a career. I’m just not too gutsy to do it for a living.

When we were in junior college and taking up Broadcast Journalism, one of our projects was to produce our own news program. Just a short 15-minute news (or probably 30 minutes), but complete with all the elements that you can typically see on a news program—current news, traffic, weather, entertainment, etc. When we did that, I chose to work in the background instead of playing the anchor, even if my classmate and best friend asked me to co-anchor her.

Okay, so I didn’t exactly work behind the scenes, because I was tasked to do one segment, but I was still so terrified while I was doing it the entire time. There’s just something about live TV that frightens me, which is weird, considering how many times I have watched numerous TV shows live on studio. Then again, they were all entertainment shows, not something like a news program. Doing news and being an audience where the floor director puts you on the front row are two different things; different feelings altogether, but just as terrifying.

I don’t normally like conflict. I avoid them whenever and as much as I can. Sometimes, I do, though, especially if it concerns the people I love, but I don’t always enjoy being the bearer of bad news. It’s like volunteering yourself to be on the Hunger Games when you know you have zero chances of winning, let alone survival skills. It stings, and worse than a tracker jacker’s. (*wait, how did the conversation went from news to the Hunger Games???)

This is why I admire my schoolmates who have pursued a career in Broadcast Journalism. There’s not a lot of them, but the few ones that made it are doing a good job in it, because while delivering news is hard, it’s doubly hard when you have to write it yourself. (**Well, actually, it is easier to deliver the news if you write it yourself, in my opinion, because at least then you’ll know exactly what you’re talking about)

There would be times where I like reporting a conflict, and it’s hard when I have to be that person. However, it’s not a great feeling as well to be receiving it. Because between being out on the field and reporting a news (or just going to a friend or family and deliver a conflict) and standing on stage and perform, I’d really much rather dance in front of an audience than speak in front of them. I’d be too terrified.





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