I’m Not the Only One… I hope?

20th March, 2015. 2:50pm

Nicole Scherzinger: I'm Not the Only One

Photo c/o: portalnicole.com.br

It’s one thing to hear a greatly written song, it’s another to listen to it and feel its lyrics. That’s how I feel about Sam Smith’s “I’m Not the Only One.” I like the original, but ever since I heard Nicole Scherzinger’s version, I totally forgot about Sam Smith. Her version is just much more emotional.

Which is why I don’t understand why people are so hating on her version. Maybe because I love theater and musical theater so much and she does musical theater now that she knows how to put emotions on her songs now, but her version is really just so painfully good. I’ve actually been listening to a lot of Nicole’s acoustic versions more than her original ones, because it shows more of her vocal prowess than when it’s blended with all the sound effects that aren’t really necessary. Like when she did the acoustic version of I Hate This Part, it’s the only time I get to really appreciate the song because she put so much emotions into the song. Maybe it’s just me loving acoustic versions in general, but perhaps I really just have a poor taste in music.

I know we all have a different taste in music, and while a lot of people think her version is a “fucking piece of shit”, I still prefer hers over the original version. Here, listen up and tell me what you think.





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