Busy Day

18th March, 2015. 7:11pm

Here I am, sitting in front of my laptop, waiting for our podcast to start (check us out at noodle.mx/live). I haven’t blogged today, not even my Open2Study assignment because today was so hectic. I started working at 10 and didn’t waste time Youtube-ing because I need to catch up on my work yesterday. I was so caught up with Agents of SHIELD and Pretty Little Liars I forgot I haven’t finished anything. So I woke up early today so I can work some more. It still wasn’t enough, and I’m still not content with my output, so I’m pretty sure I’m gonna go back to my other work once I’m done with ONCEPodcast for the day.

My sister finally received the email from the U.S. Embassy. They were approved. She was scheduled for an interview with the US embassy to the Philippines on April 16. I thought I was prepared for this, I was wrong. I should have been happy, but I just found myself tearing up when my sister told me. It just saddens me that we only have a month or so to be together before she can be with her husband. I’m happy, but it still saddens me.

I’m gonna go work now. Hopefully I can still blog after work. See you! Hope you all are having a nice Wednesday. Will edit this later as I’m blogging from my phone.





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