It’s not about the sexual orientation

16th March, 2015. 5:13pm

NaBloPoMo, Monday, March 16, 2015

At BlogHer University, we’re creating a mini journalism school this month. Why (or why not) do you think women make good journalists?

It’s kind of sexist to ask whether women make good journalists or not because, quite frankly, I think what it takes for someone to be the best journalist they can be wasn’t whether they are male or female, but how you do the job.

I might have finished a degree in Mass Communication, but it was actually Journalism that I wanted to study when I was graduating from High School. I didn’t really intend to become the nation’s next best female journalist, let alone replace Christiane Amanpour as the Chief International Correspondent in CNN, but I love the idea of serving a plateful of news, whether it be good or bad. Of course, Christiane Amanpour is more of a Broadcast Journalist than just a journalist, but I think it still doesn’t matter whether you’re man or a woman that makes one a great journalist.

atom araullo

Meet Atom Araullo.
The male journalist who was named “aTHORm”
after braving Typhoon Haiyan
Photo c/o:

No one can say that women doesn’t make a good journalists because they aren’t tough enough to deal with delicate situations like that of a war or a city-wide rally. No, that’s not true. I know quite a number of women here in my country who have been sent to Mindanao to cover the news who have done their job so well they went out unscathed. It’s not that the perpetrators pity on them because they are women, I think it’s their ability to serve the truth fair and square that allowed them to do their job and walk out of it alive. And then there are those male journalists who have stormed, well, a storm that is so strong it almost wiped an entire island in less than 30 minutes (ie; Philippines’ Typhoon Haiyan in 2013).


KTLA’s Cher Calvin
Photo c/o:

But since we’re celebrating female journalists here, I’m gonna have to give a shout out to a Filipina who has made it through the American news TV. Her name is Cher Calvin (of KTLA). Before Cher even worked as a correspondent at KTLA, I was already a fan of her show here in the Philippines called “F”, alongside Daphne Osena-Paez and Angel Aquino. It saddened me when she left the show, but I couldn’t be more happy for her, especially now that she’s an Emmy Award winning news anchor in the US. It’s not that I’m proud of her because she won an award, it’s about her doing her job so well and, at the same time, not forgetting where she came from. It just makes you feel happy and proud.

There are so many great female journalists out there; famous ones or otherwise, but the most important thing isn’t about being a FEMALE journalist. It’s about doing your job right with integrity, grace, and poise.




2 thoughts on “It’s not about the sexual orientation

  1. A family member worked for a major newspaper chain for many years, until she got laid off. She gave me insight into just how hard journalists work, and what type of care they have to take with their reporting. As a little girl, I admired the fictional character Lois Lane so much, but, truthfully, I know I wouldn’t have had what it takes to go into the field. I think there are good, and bad, journalists of both sexes.


    • Your sister didn’t lie. Journalists are one of the most hardworking employees ever and, most of the time, underpaid. That’s exactly one of the reasons why I didn’t choose to work at a local newspaper – the pay sucks and, sometimes, it’s easy to get laid off. Unless, of course, you’re one of the “popular” ones, then I guess you’re good. And you’re right, as well. Both sexes have good AND bad journalists. It really just falls on how one does his or her job.



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