Where dreams are made of…

12th March, 2015. 5:24pm

Today, in the Daily Prompt, “Study Abroad“, the question goes:

If you were asked to spend a year living in a different location, where would you choose and why?

Since I’m done with school, I choose to answer this with not where I want to study, but rather, where I would like to work.

And where else would it be but New York City. Not because it’s the center of all things Broadway, but because of this particular tweet:

epicreads online marketing coordinatorIf I’m in New York right now, I would definitely grab this opportunity and apply for the job. Not that I’m getting tired of my current job, I do enjoy it, actually, but to have the chance of working at a publishing company like Harper Collins as an Online Marketing Coordinator? Yes please! Count me in!

Sadly, this job opening is open only for those who live either in NYC or near the city, and I’m from neither! What made it even more sad for me was the fact that, looking at the job description and qualifications, this would have been the perfect career change for me. Plus, I love to read and am a fan of Epic Reads, so it made me feel so sad knowing that I don’t even have the chance of even sending my application.

Another reason why this job opening at Harper Collins is making me sad is because I told myself that if I’m ever going to leave my current job for a new one, it will be for a publishing company. I’ve always wanted to work at a publishing company. I enjoyed my magazine internship more than when I worked at a TV station. *I know. Why don’t I just apply at a publishing company here, right? I hope it’s easier said than done. You see, careers at publishing companies here in my country isn’t exactly ideal. In short, the salary for me, a breadwinner, is way too low. I can’t afford to leave my current job (that pays big) for something that would subtract my salary in half. It just wasn’t practical.

But given the chance, I would definitely want to be in New York right now, even just to have a chance of sending my application at Harper Collins for this particular position, that would have been fine by me already.





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