To the Future Generations of Telan’s Angels…

06th March, 2015. 1:13pm

For today’s Daily Prompt, Time Capsule, the question goes:

What would you put in this year’s time capsule to channel the essence of our current moment for future generations?


Our rings: Mine was the pink one
(the one with a heart-shaped ring in middle finger),
my sister’s was the red one,
and my sister-in-law was the purple one.
All three of us wearing the colors we want.
The M ones are my nephew and nieces’.
We can’t find ones that says “P” so we bought that instead.

If I could bottle a specific moment, I’d keep everything that happened today. I know I can choose any day, one that’s way happier than today, but I chose today because it embodies what we are as a family. We’re all crazy, yes; selfish at some point? Absolutely! Always fighting with each other? It’s as normal as breathing. But let me tell you this, children, no matter what happens, whatever obstacles we go through, when it comes to family, we are all one and the same. We are united. Our bond is stronger than blood lines, far more stronger than any magic in this world. It’s our strength and our power, and I want you kids to always remember that, even if the time will come that you won’t be living here at our compound with us.

To our future generations of Telan’s Angels, you may not have seen Lolo and Lola, but I hope you’d take time to ask and know about them. They’re the best grand parents anyone can have. They are very spiritual and religious people. They never failed to help anyone who asked them for it. Ask anyone who is older than you, Lolo and Lola were two kind souls who still thought about everyone and everything until their very last breath.

I also wanted to keep my Mom’s medical bracelet, photo, and holy bible inside the time capsule. This one is for my (and my sister and brother’s) future kids and grand kids. Royal sibs, as we call ourselves, that’s our Mom. Your grandmother. She was the best Mom in the world. You never got to meet her, but she was a dedicated woman. She has a high respect for school and work, so if you think that you’re one of those who find yourself with a drive to go to school and/or work unless it’s a life and death situation (and if the government announces, of course), don’t be ashamed about it. I think it’s in our genes, so be proud. It’s actually a good thing.

The last piece that I wanted to put in the time capsule is our rings. Each of us—me, my sister, my sister-in-law, and my nephew and nieces have the same rings in the shape of a royal crown. I would keep this to remind our future generations, and ourselves as well, that with this ring, we are bonded. No matter where we go, I want this to serve as our own sisterly pack. It’s not something expensive; just one of those cheap plastic rings you buy for your teenage daughter or sister. But it’s one thing that is definitely stronger than plastic, metal or even diamond.

These things, and more, are what makes our family. We’re not perfect, as no one’s is, but always keep in mind that you are blessed because you belong in this family. So treasure it, take care of it, and keep it for the next generations to come.





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