Taking Writing into a Different Level

05th March, 2015. 3:13pm


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I love taking writing courses online, and it all started with WordPress’ Blogging 101. I’ve always wanted to go back to school for the sole purpose of re-learning anything I can about journalism, but since I can’t afford to quit my job so I can enroll at a university, I looked for some online classes and see what interests me. I searched for free writing courses online and was actually surprised to find a lot of universities offering free writing course for anyone, professionals or not.

The first class I found that caught my interest was How Writers Write Poetry. It’s a six-week free online course by the University of Iowa that offers an interactive progression through the principles and practice of writing poetry. I thought about taking this one because I enjoyed Writing 201: Poetry so much, I thought why not take another? But before I sign up for the course, I found something else that could benefit me more…

 The second course I wanted to take is Open2Study’s Writing for the Web program. Unlike How Writers Write Poetry, Writing for the Web only runs for four weeks, beginning March 16. This course will explore how writing style, web design and structure can grab the attention of and engage online readers. Now, what drove me to really consider this course is because professionally, I am an online writer. I’ve been doing what I do since 2006, and I know I should know these things already, but I feel like this course will still teach me something valuable; help me develop my skill more. Plus, I know there’s a big chance that I will nail this one. I don’t know, I just feel it.

There are other writing programs that I found via Study.com that I want to consider, but I know I can’t take all of them at once. If I can only split myself in two, or the two above-mentioned courses just didn’t happen to take place at the same time, I would have taken both. I still haven’t decided yet, so can you please help me?



4 thoughts on “Taking Writing into a Different Level

  1. I agree. I’d take Writing for the Web, too. In fact, maybe I’ll sign up myself. I’m in the same boat, wanting to learn and grow in this new hobby of mine. Unlike you, I am not a professional anything when it comes to the Internet (unless you count spending all my money on Amazon) and I really need some formal training. I should be going back to school soon, but this seems like a great way to go for now, and the course synopsis sounds like it would still apply for a professional. Thanks for the links!

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