Girl Power

05th March, 2015. 3:53pm

NaBloPoMo, Thursday, March 5, 2015

Do you think we are currently living in a good time for women in history? Will we look back at this time period in the future and say that there was equality?

Beyonce Feminist

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Beyonce Feminist meaning

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Beyoncé once said in an interview with the CNN when she was asked about feminism, “I’ve always considered myself a feminist, although I was always afraid of that word because people put so much on it, when honestly, it’s very simple. It’s just a person that believes in equality for men and women. Men and women balance each other out, and we have to get to a point where we are comfortable with appreciating each other.” Growing up, I think I can consider myself sort of balance. While I enjoy playing with my Barbie dolls and toy pots and pans, I also very much love playing with my legos. Okay, so maybe lego is a very neutral-gender toy, but you get the point.

Spice Girls - Girl Power

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Even before Beyoncé released a single that celebrates feminism, we’ve already heard about it before. However, if many people pretty much praised Beyoncé for this stand, it was very different in the 90s. I was a big Spice Girls fan, still am actually, and we all know they became famous not only because of their catchy tunes (Wannabe remains, up to this day, the catchiest song ever) but also for promoting ‘Girl Power.’ Not literally, of course, but we all know what it means when the girls, especially Geri Halliwell put up their two fingers up in peace sign.

But unlike our culture now, Spice Girls was pretty much lambasted and shamed by other feminists during their prime. Feminist Fay Weldon even once wrote an article, “How the Spice Girls Have Killed Feminism, Subverted Morality, and Embarrassed Us All.” To be honest, I don’t understand how they can hate the Spice Girls for honoring girl power. During their prime, a lot of young girls (and a few adults, I supposed) loved the group not only because of their songs, it was because each girls can find themselves in the girls. Thanks to Top of the Pops who gave them their moniker—Scary, Baby, Ginger, Posh, Sporty—these aliases pretty much sums up the differences of the women now and then.

Now, back to Beyoncé, if you don’t know what the heck I was talking about and why I dragged her into this, let me tell you. Have you listened to her track, “Flawless?” If not, and before I continue, here, listen to it:

Noticed how, in the middle of the song, the truth that a lot of people doesn’t want to admit and talk about came out:

Beyonce Flawless

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This is true, not just then but until today. Women are expected to act the certain way. Of course, no one wakes up flawless, and the song isn’t to be taken literally. What the song intends to ask is why can’t women, like men, wake up, act without all these expectations? Like the Spice Girls, Beyoncé was simply preaching how absurd it is for men to assume that women should look and act a certain way…

Which is not to say that men don’t get these stereotype bullshit as well. So to answer the prompt, “Will we look back at this time period in the future and say that there was equality?” The truth is, I don’t know. I hope we can say that in ten years, but some people are just so shallow that they feast on degrading other people.

Mulan and Shang

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Throughout the years, there are a lot of women that perfectly embodies a modern woman. Take a look at Mulan for example. She’s the only Disney princess I know that doesn’t need saving, because she does the saving herself. Fa Mulan and General Shang look at themselves as equal partners, and while they may not always agree on certain things, they always manage to settle their differences.

There are other women who have changed the world—Anne Frank, Marie Curie, Joan of Arc, Mother Teresa, Oprah, J.K. Rowling. Women who have made the world think without having the need of a man, and I admire them for it. And while we still battle shitty stereotypes every single day, probably for the rest of our lives and the future generations to come, I believe that yes, we already are currently living in a good time for women.




7 thoughts on “Girl Power

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  2. And to think, I usually dismiss Beyonce’s songs as fluff. I didn’t realize there was that much meaning in there! Then again, I don’t listen to her with intend. I guess I’ve been missing out.


  3. Very thoughtful post. I absolutely feel that we don’t have equality today. Women don’t earn as much as men doing the same jobs. Not equal. However, I don’t want to go back to when women couldn’t work outside the house, either. So, we have come a long way! 🙂

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