Writing 201: Future

27th February, 2015. 5:30pm

They say that you can only have one soulmate,
That once you found it, you just know.
And while finding it can make one desperado,
What the fate does not dictate
And the destiny fails to translate,
Is that with true love, you can always find a new beau,
One who’s willing to go into limbo
Because he knows that true love can wait
And that waiting for love is always worth the delay.
Say a prayer to the one above,
And ask him to help you find your soulmate, too.
Trust me, for now, it’s okay to play
So don’t hold back, be not afraid to love,
There’s someone out there waiting for you to say ‘I Do.’


Soulmates: Regina and Robin Hood
(Once Upon a Time)
Photo c/o: quoteimg.com

Wow, I can’t believe this is our last assignment for Writing 201: Poetry. I gotta say, I really enjoyed participating in this course, moreso than Blogging 101 or 201, or even NaBloPoMo!

Speaking of NaBloPoMo, is anyone here joining March NaBloPoMo? If so, then I definitely can’t wait to read your response to its March prompts!

About the concept:

Initially, I intended to write something about closed doors and open windows (*you know, that “when one door closes, another one opens” kinda thing? Yeah. THAT.) but as I was writing my 9th line, I realized I’ve already written something about it a few days ago. So I scratched my work and went back from the start. Reading an interview with Lana Parrilla about Once Upon a Time’s Regina and Robin’s relationship sparked my creative juices to write about love instead. I know that the prompt says future, but what the OutlawQueen’s relationship prompted me to write this sonnet was the idea of hope; finding your true love, and your soulmate no matter how long it takes. It’s having faith within yourself and God that inspired me to write about finding someone you can share your future with. Because, if you think about it, what is so bright in the future if you have no one to share it with?

Sonnet, however, is so hard. Not as hard as yesterday’s assignment—Landscape and Found Poetry—but hard just the same. To be honest, it’s the rhyming scheme that I found so challenging. It’s just so hard to decide where to place what when you envision something else entirely. As for the chiasmus, I only used one, which you can find in my 9th and 10th line—love and wait. I think it’s very significant with the theme I have in mind, since it holds some truth about love.

PS: For those who didn’t know, and wants to know, here’s a brief summary of Once Upon a Time’s OutlawQueen’s love story:

Before Regina became the Evil Queen, she met Tinkerbell, who showed her the way to find her soulmate, Robin Hood, the man with the lion tattoo. Scared to be left with nothing if she follows the fairy’s advice, and because she still thinks that Daniel—her first true love, who was killed by her own mother—Regina ran away from her soulmate. Their love went on; Robin Hood married Maid Marian and had a kid named Roland, while Regina became the Evil Queen, casting a spell that took everyone in the Enchanted Forest to the Land Without Magic. While she was happy, thinking that she finally won, Regine was left with an emptiness inside of her, so she adopted a baby—Henry—who was Emma Swan’s baby. Fast forward to three seasons, and because fate has a funny way of making two ends meet, Regina finally found the man with the lion tattoo when she and Robin went to look for the Wicked Witch. Regina, once again, tried to run away from her soulmate, but destiny calls, and with encouragement from Snow White—the woman she spent 30 years of exacting revenge from—Regina finally give in to love and opened her heart to finally be with Robin Hood, her soulmate.

But a love story wouldn’t be a great one without it going through a rough road, and Emma Swan accidentally brought Maid Marian to life when she and Captain Hook got sucked into the Wicked Witch’s time portal. This broke Regina’s heart because once again, she was robbed of her potential happy ending. The Snow Queen cast a curse on Maid Marian’s heart, and even after the Snow Queen was defeated, some of her powers remains in Maid Marian’s, and the only way to save her was if she cross the town line. Being Maid Marian’s spouse, Regina asked Robin Hood that he should come with his once-dead wife, because it’s the right thing to do. This breaks Regina’s heart, but she did it still because she knows it’s the right thing to do, even if it means that she needs to deal with that loss once more.

**Yup, I typed all this without Googling for it and/or copy-pasting it from an outside source. 🙂

What does this have to do with my assignment? It’s the patience that she has, the hope that’s inside of her, no matter how bleak, that someday she will have her happy ending even if it means she has to wait for another 30 years.





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