Writing 201: Landscape

26th February, 2015. 5:20pm

writing 201 landscapeGod, this assignment is soooooooo hard! It took me a long time to finish not the text itself, but the form! Oh. My. Writing Gods. Found Poetry is most definitely the hardest thing I have ever done! I haven’t even done half of my poem! It’s so frustrating.

About the concept:

For this assignment, I used the image of a sunset in the beach for my landscape. I knew I should have used something a little greener, but I just love the sea and the sunset. I also used sunset as a metaphor, like when someone is going through a rough road, the sun will always come out tomorrow; things will eventually get better. I think I did okay with enumeratio, though I don’t know how good. Anyway, here is the poem that I wrote; the full version:

Lying in the sand, watching the sun go down
as tanned swimmers try to go back to town.
I look at you as you sob on to my shoulders
and say, “tell me, I might have answers.”

You cried, and bawled, and put your head lower,
sobbing, crying a river like things will never get better.
I pull your heads high, wiped away your tears
and put my arms around you, hugging you tighter
as I blabber, “don’t worry, the sun will come out tomorrow, now fight away your fears.”

Aiding you, I get up and packed our things,
throwing the blankets, the books, the water, the lotion, into my tiny drawstrings.
As you and I walk back towards the road
I take one glance back at the bowing sun.
“Have faith,” I say, “I’ll take you back to your humble abode.”




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