Writing 201: Drawer

25th February, 2015. 4:00pm

For decades my heart has been kept in the dark,
        Frozen with no way to leave its mark
                        like a firework without a spark.

But just like a courageous knight in shining armor,
       In he goes and saved it from the glowing ember,
            freeing my heart from getting darker.

Into the drawer, in a room filled with golden vault
        lay boxes inside, where yours is kept hidden,
              beating faster, doing a somersault.

He pried it open and saw only half a heart,
     cut in the middle like a work of art.
           Here, he said, take hers instead
and use it for both of you.

In one swift move he went and take a flight,
     our hearts in hand with all his might.
            Come, trust me, he utter,
I promise, I’ll make things better.

Once Upon a Time Regina Vault Hearts

The inspiration for the poem:
Regina’s vault of hearts in Once Upon a Time
Photo c/o: onceuponatimepodcast.com

About the concept:

For our assignment today, I used the drawer as the place where every heart is kept, waiting for it to find its match. The “he” in the poem refers to fate; destiny, if you prefer. I chose to write about this thinking of no one in particular, but simply to show that perhaps, this time, I am ready.

I don’t know if I did the ode right, but I hope I did because the point of the poem is to celebrate having the chance of finding someone that would help make things bearable, if not better than ever.




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