Writing 201: Hero(ine)

23rd February, 2015. 5:20pm

In my solitude
you gave me fortitude.
In my silence
you were my only audience.

When the world seems dark, I turn to you.
When my shadows burn, I turn to you.
When my mind is on fire, I turn to you.
All these time, I realize, I turn to you.

Your words are gospel to me,
even if we don’t always agree.
Your touch is golden,
even when I’m on to something foreign.

Like oil and water,
we don’t mix together.
Like heaven and earth,
you and I, we’re separated by birth.
Never sharing one heart,
not knowing where to start.
But like going on a wild adventure,
those differences doesn’t really matter.

So when the world seems dark, I turn to you.
When the world seems scary, I turn to you.
When the world is lonely, I turn to you.
Even when the world is high and cheery, still, I turn to you.

books alone

Photo c/o: weheartit.com

I dread today’s assignment. I dread it more than the acrostic assignment. I’ve always wanted to try writing a ballad, but I always end up crumpling the paper and throw it in the trash can. So when I read what today’s assignment is going to be about—hero(ine), ballad, and anaphora/epistrophe, I knew it will take me long hours before I could even muster a word or two… which I clearly did.

About the concept:

Writing about a particular hero or heroine is easy, it’s choosing who to write about that’s quite challenging for me. Plus, it didn’t help that I still have to think about today’s device and form. Initially, I wanted to write something to pay homage to Lea Salonga, since she just had her birthday yesterday and she helped me a lot in her own way. But as I wrote my second verse (which was the first verse that I actually wrote), I realized that these days, my hero were all the books that I have read. My books and I don’t always agree with certain things, but they’re always there; never left me through thick and thin. And whatever happens, they will always be the non-human that I have, and ever will, loved.

That’s why I will always turn on them. They’re simply the most reliable thing out there. And it’s proof that magic do exist.




6 thoughts on “Writing 201: Hero(ine)

    • But you did well with your ballad, too! Although, yeah, there’s not much repetition, but I think the form and device is somewhat optional? I’m just OC so I followed everything. Haha!

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  1. Love this. I would have a difficult time naming a hero(ine) in my life, since I’ve been doin’ it pretty much all alone. Books have been my hero(ine)s, too. I don’t know where I would be without them. On further thought, it would be a tie between books and all the cats I’ve had. They have also saved me. My favorite time is when I have a cat on me or next to me while reading a book. Thank you for this. Beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! I don’t have a cat but it always makes me happy hearing someone who likes to read have a cat. They’re definitely the best (and worse) companion when it comes to reading books! 🙂

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