Writing 201: Trust

18th February, 2015. 4:00pm

I love you

Tell me you also do.
Rest with me, make love to me, and don’t leave me be.
Under the cover, waiting for you to be my lover.
Side by side, we melt into each other,
Taking chances, into a world where not one, but both of us are rolling with the punches.

You and I, we’re like two pieces of a broken heart.
Once broken, feeling as if we’re in our own prison.
Unleash emotion, this time, no, this ain’t illusion.

So come take my hand, and believe, this time it will never part.


Photo c/o: poundingheartbeat.com

Today’s assignment for Writing 201: Poetry is all about trust, using acrostic and internal rhyming. I don’t mind writing about trust, and I think I’m actually getting the hang of rhyming, but it’s trying to do acrostic that I find very challenging.


Acrostic used in PLL (Not Safe)
Photo c/o: autostraddle.com

This wasn’t the first time I heard of acrostic; I learned it from the TV show, Pretty Little Liars. And back then, I know how hard it is. I’ve tried it before, and I failed miserably. So I knew that, when I read today’s assignment, it’s going to be hard. And it is. Plus, it didn’t help that I only had three hours of sleep last night.

About the concept:

The main theme of my poem today is love. Finding the right one, that is. It’s about taking chances and having faith that this time, things will finally work. In case you haven’t noticed, I used the word “I Trust You” in my poem, because isn’t that’s what loving someone is all about? Putting your trust in each other? There’s actually one more letter in the poem, and yes, it is meant to be there. It’s for someone I know. Someone that, unfortunately, is still with someone else… someone who doesn’t even know about this feeling inside of me, awaiting to be said.




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