Writer’s Quote Wednesday: Friendship

18th February, 2015. 2:18pm

For this week’s Writer’s Quote Wednesday by Silver Threading, I chose a quote written (err, tweeted) by a local film director, Jose Javier Reyes. The tweet goes:

Jose Javier Reyes QuotesThe reason why I chose this quote was because of my recent fascination with the app, Whisper. I’ve been on it for a few days now and while I may have encountered countless perverts already, there are still a few kind people along the way. I have chatted with many people already, both from here in the Philippines and abroad, but there are two particular people I have been exchanging conversations with for a few days now. One is a girl, the other is a guy.

Her name is Ann and she’s younger than me. Our conversation continued because we found ourselves in a similar situation. Plus, we found out that we are, in a way, connected to a person close to my heart. It’s just so comforting knowing someone who knows someone.

The guy’s name is Paul. Now, this one started out as someone I like bitching out on because he’s one of those horny assholes on Whisper. When he first PMed me, his welcome message was, “Do you wanna f*ck?” to which I answered him, “Go f*ck yourself.” Normally, I would ignore this type of user, but there’s something in the way he chatted that makes me want to torment him more. I don’t like him, nor am I interested in him. It’s just really fun to make fun of him and his epic failure in finding himself a f*ck buddy.

Last Monday, he gave me his number, asking for mine in return so we can chat through Viber. I said no, and when he asked why, I simply said, “I don’t give my numbers to strangers.” He said that we’re not technically strangers anymore because we’ve been chatting for days now. I still said no, because I really don’t like opening letting strangers in. Why? Because I know, once he asked for my number, he’ll ask for my Facebook account next, and then to meet me, and who knows what else is on his mind?

It’s not that I have trust issues (*okay,  maybe I do), it’s just that for me, friendship is more than just adding oneself on Facebook or your contact list. Just because we exchanged a few conversations doesn’t mean we’re besties. Although there are a few exceptions where you just feel connected to a particular person, there’s still a tiny seed of doubt inside of you that warns you to be careful. You know, deep down, you need more time to know the person, enough for you to trust him with something that’s so important for you.

Meeting these two on an app was not the first time I made friends online that goes beyond a few conversations via Private Messaging.  I actually met a couple of great people on a newsgroup that I’m still friends with until now. We’re not just online buddies, we’re a family, and if I will also be real-life friend with the above-mentioned users, I know that there’s no need to rush. If it’s meant to be, we will get there; reach that level of friendship.




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