Writing 201: Journey

17th February, 2015. 3:20pm

stay put

Photo c/o: wsj.com

Stuck in the corner getting nowhere,
Hold tight, I said, and say a prayer.
Be patient,
Give up, you mustn’t.
Move a little, someday, you’ll get there.

For our second day, we were tasked to come up with a poem about journey and what it evokes for us. If yesterday was all about haiku and simile, today, is all about limerick and alliteration. Composing this poem took me only about four minutes (*after HOURS of contemplating, of course), but achieving alliteration is harder than rhyming, I reckon. Although I think I did it a bit with the Gs, I’m not sure if it’s enough.

About the concept:

Initially, I thought about writing about MY journey in life. And then I realized, “where exactly have I gone since, well, I was born?” Journey isn’t always about moving forward, and right now, I just feel a little bit stuck. So I took that opportunity to write about staying put, having patience and faith because I know, I believe that someday, I will get where I want to be… where I’m supposed to be.




4 thoughts on “Writing 201: Journey

  1. This poem is a good helpful bit on where I find myself at this time, too. I take it as a little bit of encouragement as my goals seem so far away from me at this time; like I’ll never get there. Thanks.



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