Writing 201: Water

16th February, 2015. 2:30pm

sailing alone

Photo c/o: pxleyes.com

Sailing through the sea…
For twenty-nine years, I sail.
Sailing, heading home.
Home. “Where’s home,” I asked myself?
Matters not. Just keep sailing.

It is the first day of Writing 201: Poetry workshop and for our first assignment, we were asked to pay homage to water. Writing about water is easy, but the twist they are asking us to do is a bit of a challenge for me: Haiku… and Simile.

It’s not that I don’t know how to do the haiku or the simile, it’s just that combining those two can be hard especially when what you have in mind contradicts the prompt. Truth be told, the only lessons about haiku that I remember was the one we had when I was in grade school. If we ever discussed them in high school or college, I don’t remember (*my mind was clogged with dance routines to think of anything else when I was in high school).

Forming the poem above was easy,  it’s the rules of haiku that’s not. I had to write and rewrite the words, count the syllables, while making sure they make sense. And because I don’t think 5-7-5 isn’t enough, I decided to “combine haiku with its meatier cousin, tanka, which follows a 5-7-5-7-7 syllabic pattern.” Besides, I’m not great at keeping things vague when it comes to things like these.  I mean, at least I don’t think so.

Although I’m already pretty contented with what I came up with above, I don’t think I succeeded in the simile part. I tried, rewriting and thinking of how it will all make sense. But like a kindergarten, I was as lost trying to find the right words to say. So I let go. (**Hey, there’s a simile. Ha!)

About the concept:

As I was writing the poem, my main goal is to talk about life. Journeying through life, to be exact. I know I haven’t reached where I’m supposed to be, so while I’m still on my way, I’ll just keep paddling… sailing until I find the place I can call “home.”

I don’t know how I fared on my first assignment for this writing course, but I hope I passed, at least.




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