“Social Media” Experiment, Day 2

13th February, 2015. 11:32am

As you all know, I downloaded this app, Whisper, and see how it will work. Yesterday, I said that I received a message asking what my “qualifications” are. Today, the inquiries get worse.

I’m gonna share photos with you tomorrow when I logged on my computer but for now, allow me to summarize how it went today.

After posting a whisper, someone sent me a Private Message, asking if I was a girl, so I said yes. Then he asked me to send a picture of me, so I send a random photo (that isn’t me) that I took when we were in Hong Kong. He knew I was lying, so I told him, “well, why don’t YOU send a photo.” He did, in fairness, sent his photo, then asks for mine. I then sent a photo of my “twin”, because it’s the safest photo I can share that kinda looks like me but isn’t actually me. But then he replies, “I need to see your boobs so I’d believe you’re a girl.” Just the word “see your boobs” was enough for me to block him. Sorry. Not gonna happen, dude!

The next guy that asked me was from the US again, this time from Fort Myers, FL. He first sent a blurred photo of himself (in bed) so I sent an old photo of mine where I was covering my face, showing only an eye. Then he told me to “send a clearer one” after he sent another photo of himself, this time half naked and in the tub. I almost woke up my neighbor from laughing so hard and loud upon seeing his photo. I swear, some people online are so creepy!

So I ignored him and move on to the next.

The next few guys I chatted with were pretty nice, so far. Some were from another country, while the others are from Manila as well. I also exchanged a few conversations with some girls younger than me, who were all quite friendly so far. However, I noticed that a lot of guys who were from the other countries who are nice and interesting seem to be leaning away from you when they find out that you don’t live in the same zip code, let alone same country. This makes me feel so pissed. Why can’t we just be friendly even if we don’t live in the same city? Whisper would’ve been a cool app, actually, if it wasn’t for all the perverts and the bullies that flock the app.

Then again, what can I expect from an app like Whisper?





One thought on ““Social Media” Experiment, Day 2

  1. Here’s my thoughts. A lot of people go into an app like that with an expectation. They behave in a manner that reflects the things that they expect from it. You, going in to it, seem to be looking for a connection; some type of fulfilment that can be gained from talking with a random stranger about things you both enjoy, etc. This is where the app fails, because, contrary to the belief and expectations of the perverted avid idiotic male populace on apps like these–most woman (and men actually) desire a deep connection or some friendly chatting. Some people’s expectations happen to be that they want to find a date, and thus lose interest when you are in a different country. If I were to get pissed, it would be at people for pretending to be interested and then dropping the conversation suddenly. Just a pet peeve of mine. At least give some warning… In the end, I’ve found that rarely will you find much worth it on a widely available social media applet with little scope, and zero reading scale for sincerity and like-mindedness. 🙂



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