Cutting the Cord

10th February, 2015. 10:47am


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What would you tell someone who is giving up on life? Someone who already “wants to die.” What can you possibly tell them to hopefully change their mind?

While me and my sister was eating a while ago after she returned from spending the night at the hospital, she updated me on what has been going on with our Lola. She ranted how Lola was such a liar, telling the doctors that she was taking her medications everyday when she really wasn’t, taking medications that wasn’t prescribed by her doctors (because the other pills were cheaper), and so on, and so forth. She also shared how Lola keep praying to God to help her but also “wishes to be with her departed husband already.” When the person has that attitude, how else can you win?

What’s more annoying with her attitude was that it’s not like she has illnesses before. She’s as healthy as a cow; not like this early this year. She only started to act like this these past few days, when she blatantly dropped hints how she already wanted to be with Lolo. Plus, she’s a church person. She serves the church. She’s a Mother Butler. How can someone who goes to church more than just one Sunday a week say and do that? How can just one give up like that?

I told my sister that maybe she’s tired. That maybe, just maybe, she wants her SEVEN kids to take care of her. But how can you take care of someone who neglects life herself? How can you save someone from falling apart if they don’t wanna be saved?

Really, if she wants to die already then what’s the point of sending her to the hospital and ask the doctors to cure or treat her? If she’s giving up so easily, how can we ever keep her from praying to the wrong God? Surely her prayers are coming true. But was it heard by the one up there? Or was someone down there chose to take over? Careful what you wish for, Lola, you never know who’s listening.




4 thoughts on “Cutting the Cord

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  2. Heavy subject. I was thinking the same awhile back… How some people surrender and some not, how some people get too exhausted to fight… (like my grandma who passed away from lung cancer) And I get them. I get both.


      • Honestly, I didn’t tell them anything. I didn’t have a chance. It was until later, when emotions were not so high that I started to think about this. I think it is exhausting to battle something and slowly realize you kinda don’t have a chance… With all the pain and suffering, both physically and physiologically, that realisation is enough to make someone just let go in the river… But if there’s any chance, any, they have to cling on it. Make a positive rope around it, make the rope stronger with hope and just gang on. 🙂 My grandma had no chance. She was too sick.



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