AFLS in Hong Kong: A Brief Summary (Day Two)

06th February, 2015. 9:44pm

Jhack HK DisneylandSince I’ve already talked about how my first day in Hong Kong went, I’m gonna have to move on with the rest of my days at Hong Kong.

I can’t believe it’s already been a week since our epic weekend in Hong Kong. Until now, I’m still on a Lea high from our little trip, and I can’t believe it went by that fast.

On our second day, dated January 30th, I woke up early because me and my aunt, together with my cousin and niece are going to Hong Kong Disneyland. By this time, I was already a bit more confident than our first day. I just knew I can go on my own now even without someone accompanying me.

We arrived at the Disneyland Resort a little before 11 in the morning. By this time, we were already texting our contacts so we could finally get inside. My aunt texted her friend, who replied about half an hour later, telling her to come meet him at the entrance, near the ticketing office. Being our first time in Hong Kong Disneyland, we stayed just outside the train station, not knowing where the heck the entrance was.

So, her contact left and apologized because, as he said, “he has a schedule to follow.” Feeling a little bit pressured, I bombarded our musician who works at the Disneyland to come hurry. We were supposed to meet at Sunny Bay station but I told him to meet me instead in the resort. By 12nn he finally arrived, and thank all the Disney Gods, he was able to slip the four of us through… FOR FREE.

I love Disneyland. It was like being a kid again. Seeing all those Disney Princesses takes me back to my childhood. However, I got to be honest and say that I didn’t enjoy it as much. Part of it’s because we came in a little in the afternoon and that I only have a few time to enjoy the theme park, but a bigger reason was because I simply wasn’t with my siblings. From the moment I stepped into its magical world, I knew I wouldn’t enjoy it as much as I want to.

So I vow to return with my siblings and nephew and nieces. We shall go there together next time. I know we would get to enjoy together.

By 5pm we decided to do our shopping, so I can leave by 6pm, in time for Lea’s concert at 8. When I entered the shops, my mind and sanity just went out the window. I didn’t know what to buy! I spent about an hour and 15 minutes rummaging through the racks, thinking what to buy for my siblings, nephew and nieces.

Right after buying presents for my family (I bought my sister a scarf, my nieces a bag, a set of colors and color pens for my nephew, a couple of keychains for me and my cousins, and a magnet for the ref), I immediately change my clothes and ran to the train station to begin my journey back to Hong Kong Cultural Center. Even though I know I can manage to go back there  by my lonesome, I was glad my friend escorted me until he got off Sunny Bay station.

HKCC Concert Hall

The HKCC Concert Hall.
Yup, we were seated this close to the stage.
It was literally in front of us!

I was so thankful that traffic in Hong Kong wasn’t as bad as in Manila, because I made it there at HKCC on time, with a few minutes to spare.

Concert was great. Yes, I am being biased, but holy cow Lea was so good! Plus, we were fortunate to have chosen a really good seat. Let It Go was soooooooo good! I love Idina Menzel, and I will always be a fan but after Lea’s cover, I just found myself asking, “Idina WHO?” Yup, she was that good!

Brave was another song that I love from the first night’s concert. It was heartbreaking, I was almost into tears, which is kinda embarrassing because we were seated at the first row on the right.

After the concert, we waited at the merchandise section while Lea was at the Meet and Greet section. We didn’t line up anymore because we were gonna meet her anyway once she’s done with the Meet and Greet.

AFLS HK 30Jan2015

This is AFLS Manila.
Yes, we went to Hong Kong JUST TO WATCH Lea’s concert.
I have no regrets.

Our personal Meet and Greet went by so quickly, which was understandable because Lea still has one more concert the following day. She follows a very strict time management when she’s working, which is something I admire about her. She’s so dedicated with her work.

After meeting with Lea, my friends and I grabbed a late night snack before heading back to our hotel. Since I wasn’t that hungry, I decided to buy myself some mango ice cream with grapefruit. Even though it’s about 11 degrees at that time, I was glad I ordered ice cream. It helped warm me up a bit.

For two days that I have been in Hong Kong, I come to realize something: taxi drivers ALWAYS turn you down when you ask them to take you to somewhere that is near (and by near I mean 25-minute walk). I don’t understand this logic, really, because back home, a passenger is a passenger, whether they ask you to take them to the next block or the next city. In Hong Kong, though, nope. Don’t expect to get a cab if you’re asking to be taken to a place that is less than 10 minute-drive away from where you are.

As I lay in my bed back at the hotel, I realized, maybe being alone in a foreign city isn’t such a bad idea. It makes me think that maybe, just maybe, I could actually manage to live alone.

(to be continued…)

PS: There are some people who keep saving photos and using it as if it’s their own. PLEASE don’t take any of my photos without my permission. I don’t tolerate fans who steal my photographs just so they can gain a few views and likes. THANK YOU.





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