Writer’s Quote Wednesday: Write… then write some more.

04th February, 2015. 9:10pm

I’ve been meaning to join Writer’s Quote Wednesday for a couple of weeks now but I always forgot to participate. Plus, since I got back from Hong Kong (*remind me to publish my post about my adventures in that awesome weekend), it feels like the start of school again. Fortunately, I finished a little early on my one task today so I have some minutes to spare. For this week, I am sharing a quote that I got from Epic Reads’ Twitter account that they retweeted from another user. It said:


Photo c/o: @epicreads

For a writer like me, writing is already like an extension of my arm. It bothers me when I fail to write something that instantly popped into my head, but it stresses me out even more when I forgot all the brilliant thoughts I came up with just a few minutes ago. We may not be famous published authors but it never hurts to write. I always write everyday. Maybe not on my blog, but I make sure to write at the end of the day, even if it’s just a couple of short paragraphs. It help keeps the juices going. (**Read and write, actually. That’s what I like to do more; reading widens your vocabulary)

They say that if you’ve got something to say, just say it, right? Well, I say, even if you don’t have anything brilliant to write, just write it, anyway. You’ll never know when your next masterpiece will pop out.




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