Hong Kong Trip (Departure: Day 1)

28th January, 2015. 8:56am

Here I am, sitting at out gate, waiting to be boarded. Everything went okay, except for Immigration, which took a bit longer because the line was kinda long. But I love my siblings, they were so supportive of me, to the point where it already gets kinda annoying.

My brother and sister send me off to the airport, where they repeatedly tell me to “not be stupid” and be alert and smart. It kinda pissed me off, but I gotta say, it’s so sweet!

While there’s nothing more I want to do than lay in my bed and sleep, I can’t deny the fact that I’m kinda excited now. My amazing journey to Hong Kong begins right now!


We’re here at the plane now, waiting for take off, and am seated near the window. I shouldn’t have told my friends about my sibs telling me to be careful and not be stupid, because now these two ladies beside me are treating me like a kid. Ugh! Not that I’m complaining, coz I know they’re just making fun of me, but I hope they won’t make fun of me too much.


We’re here now at the top of the world (ie; up in the clouds) and I just realized, airplanes do stop mid-air. We’re currently 20 minutes out of the Philippine Area of Responsibility already and our dear pilot just announced a delay due to air traffic. I looked outside my window and saw that we aren’t moving. Yup, I guess that proves me right.

The reason I’m sharing this is because I have seen some airplanes a couple of times that were frozen on air. I told anyone about it and they all said the same thing: airplanes DO NOT stop mid-air. Well, if that’s the case, then what do you call our situation now coz I’m pretty sure we’re not moving.

Ooh, and I’m glad I bought The First Phone Call From Heaven with me. I can catch up on my reading while we’re up in the air.


Just finished our complimentary lunch and we are now ready to fly down. Lunch was okay. I had fried chicken and rice and some veggies. It’s quite dry, but what can you expect from airplane food?


Aaaaaaand we’re here! Still at the plane, waiting for it to stop. Thank God our flight was safe. No bumpy roads (err, clouds). Let the AFLS Hong Kong invasion begins. Weeeeeeeeeeeee!!!


We’re here at Nathan Hotel now. We got here about half an hour ago (I think). The room is spacey enough. No, actually, it’s too big for the three of us. We’re heading out later a bit to grab something to eat then hopefully my aunt will finally let me know where the heck they are so we can meet.


So, we’re on our way to the Hong Kong Cultural Center, where Lea’s having rehearsals for her concert tomorrow. We just finished eating out at this Taiwanese restaurant near our hotel, where I ordered wanton noodles and deep fried chicken. I’m so full I don’t know if I can still eat dinner later.

PS: it was quite affordable, I think. I spent 55HKD for that.


Three hours later and we’re back at our hotel. We went to HKCC, only to find out that Lea’s done with her rehearsals already, and is now prepping for a gig at the city hall. In less than 12 hours being here, I already realized a few things: 1. Two taxi drivers later and they’ve all been rude; 2. MTR is better than our MRT in Manila because it’s less crowded and the people are more disciplined; 3. The cold, so far, has never bothered me. Let’s see if I still can take it as the night rolls on; and 4. Being away from my sibs is drawing us even closer.

As of this writing, I am waiting for my aunt to pick me up downstairs. We’ll be having dinner and I guess go to the Avenue of Stars. Laters, bitches!


Earlier, I said the cold doesn’t bother me, well, it is starting to now.

Just got back from doing touristy stuff with my aunt, cousin and niece, and the weather has gone down to 17degrees Celsius. For someone who lives in a tropical country like the Philippines, this temperature is too cold. I actually don’t mind the cold (*told you it never bothers me), but the temperature by the bay is too cold it sends shivers down my toes. Still, I could get used to this kind of cold. I’d prefer this over the year-long Summer-like temperature back home.

After having dinner at, of all places, McDonald’s, we went to find the Avenue of Stars. Thank goodness I remembered my surroundings, it made it easy for me to navigate the city. Turns out, our hotel is just about 20-25 minutes away from the HKCC. I would post pictures but I’m just blogging from my phone and it will just mess the post up so maybe I’ll just do it tomorrow or some other time.

I don’t know yet how are we gonna go to Disneyland tomorrow but I hope to figure it out real soon. For now, though, I shall put my feet up and get some rest. It’s gonna be another long, tiring but fun day tomorrow.


Talked to my friend who I will meet tomorrow at Disneyland (he’s a musician there). We finally agreed on a time and place to meet tomorrow. I shall rest now, though. I’m really feeling so tired now. Kayy, byeeeeee!







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