Hong Kong Week (Two Days Before Departure)

27th January, 2015. 3:47pm

So, today I finally got the luggage, which means I can finally start packing tomorrow. Today is a bit productive day for me. After doing my daily routines (ie; fix my bed, take a shower, eat), I managed to slip in the laundry while working so I can wash a few clothes that I will be bringing tomorrow. Oh, and uhm, I also managed to watch some Youtube videos, Tweet with my cousin, take out some things for packing, and make a list of the rest that I need for my trip.

I talked to my client today to ask if I can skip work on Thursday and was glad that he said yes. I already worked in advance for Friday so it’s comforting that I can rest before my trip. There’s still just so many things to do before we jet set in another city.

Oh yeah, and uhm, I checked the weather app on my phone and I think I can handle the cold in there. Still, I will gear up for when the weather gets down at night. The only thing that bothers me right now is that my nose is a bit acting up. It’s my fault; I forgot to take my nightly vitamins last Sunday, so I was sneezing like hell when I woke up yesterday. But I’m recovering now so I think I’ll be good. Although, my left throat is seeking so much attention right now, it’s getting a bit dry. Ugh!

I’m gonna have to go back to work now. Hopefully, by tomorrow, I’ve already packed… or at least be done packing. Take care, y’all!




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