Hong Kong Week (Three Days Before Departure)

26th January, 2015. 1:31pm

luggage full and ready to travel

Photo c/o: cord-global.terradotta.com

This week is Hong Kong week so today I’m gonna start prepping for it. Actually, I started yesterday when I bought a few things I need for my short trip by the end of the week. So, first things first: Medicines for emergencies.

I guess I’ve sorta been a little freak when it comes to going out of town; I just always have to have emergency medications with me. Yesterday, when my sibs and I were in the mall, I bought 2 tablets of Paracetamols, 4 anti-allergy meds for when the pollen hits me hard (or if I ate oily chicken—which I’m allergic to—2 Loperamides for when you get diarrhea, 2 Ibuprofens, 4 Antibiotics, and Nasal Sprays. While I don’t plan to get any of those while I’m on a leisure trip on another city, I’m bringing these JUST IN CASE. Now, why am I bringing too many anti-allergies and antibiotics? Well, let’s just say that despite my love for cold weather and my presuming that it never bothers me, my lungs and nose doesn’t like them; I always get allergies when it gets cold and judging from the weather app on my iPhone, it is still pretty chilly in there this week. So, I’m bringing four of each for each day. I actually think it’s not enough, but I’m already bringing a nasal spray and Vicks Vaporub so I guess that’s enough? God, I hope so!

Yesterday, I also found out that one of my aunts—my Mom’s sister—is also heading to Hong Kong the same days I will be there. Isn’t that amazing? I am absolutely excited but even more terrified of this trip so it’s such a comfort knowing I would have the chance to be with familiar faces there. They’ll be staying at Imperial Hotel, about 8-9 mins walking distance away from where me and my friends will be staying—Nathan Hotel. They said they’re going to visit the Disneyland on the 30th so I’m definitely going! It’s not actually in my budget to be visiting the iconic theme park but I’m grabbing every opportunity I can get just to visit this magical world!

This morning, at least when I woke up, my aunt asked me if I’ve packed already, because they already are. I said no, not yet, because 1. I don’t have my luggage yet, 2. I’m still deciding on what pieces to wear and, 3. I’m worried about my budget. I know I should stop overthinking and start packing, but, damn, money just makes me wanna go bonkers!

How was your weekend? I hope it went great, and I wish this is going to be an awesome week not just for me, but you as well. Have a great weekend, y’all!




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