23rd January, 2013. 6:44pm

cyberbully1Have you ever seen the TV movie Cyberbully with Emily Osment? If you haven’t, I suggest you do. Anyway, so I was on this website where I always download movies from and was looking at the recently uploaded movies when I came across this new movie called, Cyberbully. I checked up on Youtube to watch the trailer and saw that it was kind of like the 2011 TV movie with Osment, only it was sort of on the point of the cyberbully herself.

At least, 49 minutes into the movie, that’s what I think.

I’m still watching it so I don’t know what happened in the end yet, but I paused it because I just think how ridiculous it is. I mean, I get it, cyberbullying is bad; I talk about it all the time here—the trolls on Youtube and Twitter—but why, and I do mean WHY would anyone do something that someone says online? Here’s Casey (**I don’t know what the actress’s name is, sorry) who, for some reason, was the first to sort of torment this Asian girl from her school by posing as someone from Columbia Records and posted the girl’s video online singing horribly. The said girl then committed suicide and Casey didn’t know about it (the girl moved to another city with her father), and now someone is out to get Casey for being a cyberbully by threatening her to post her sort of indecent pictures that she took for her ex-boyfriend. This particular someone said that he “helps victims of the cyberbullying” but at 49 minutes, this “person” asked Casey—the bully—to do three things: 1. admit that she’s a cyberbully, 2. confess that she was responsible for the girl’s death and, 3. apologize… through actions. What does the I-help-the-victims-of-cyberbullying want? He wants Casey to take anti-depressant pills (which she has already taken for the day) ONE PILL FOR EACH PHOTO.


I’m going to go back to watching now but as I paused, this is the image that is about to happen next:

cyberbully3Again. WHAT. THE. ACTUAL. FUCK??? Why would you follow what the other “person” says?  Bullying, in any form, is wrong and anyone who does that should be taught a lesson, but asking someone to take her own life because of what she did? That is just sick and idiotic and twisted. We are not Gods, we are not the boss of each other, why ask someone to do such a thing?

Movies (and kids) these days… Parents, if you are reading this, please… PLEASE, educate your children about the proper usage of the internet. PLEASE.





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