Book Review: Falling Into Place

19th January, 2015. 12:54pm

Amy Zhang Falling Into Place Quotes

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I tried writing a decent start for my review for this but instead, it gives me a headache. I just couldn’t find the right words to say. All I want is to curl up my bed and weep.

Have we ever wonder how our words and actions affect other people? For some reason, Amy Zhang’s Falling Into Place reminds me of Jay Asher’s Thirteen Reasons Why, only this was in the bully’s point of view. Bully. Sometimes, I wonder if every bully knows that they are ruining someone else, that what they say or do will cause someone to fall apart and break? Perhaps not. Because if that is so, the world will have one less bully to worry about.

I don’t kinda regret that it took me quite a few days to finish this. I loved it. There were parts of the book that made me look back and think about my own actions, and some parts where I can relate to Liz’s struggle. Sometimes, things just get so unbearably hard that you wish to just coast to exist.

But unlike Liz, taking your own life (or at least trying to) is never the answer. Whether you’re the bully or the one being bullied, choosing to stop existing is never, NEVER the answer.




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