Random Fart Number I-Don’t-Know Plus Another Weird Dream

15th January, 2015. 10:26am

Fart #1: Yesterday, I was fangirling over Spice Girls, listening to their songs once again. Fine, I have been listening to them since last Saturday, actually, but that’s not the point. I was on Youtube yesterday while working when I played 2 Become 1. I played the official music video, and after the song, I scrolled down the comment section to see what people have been saying about the song. One of the commenters said, “18 years later and I didn’t realize Baby Spice was referring to condoms” and I was like, “what?! No, that can’t be. 2 Become 1 isn’t about sex… Is it?” So I went and searched for Spice Girls interviews about the song and come across this old interview with Vault when they were promoting the song and true enough, Mel B did say that 2 Become 1 is, in fact, a song about safe sex. I was like, “Wow. And here I call myself a FAN.” Well, what can you say, I was 11 when Spice Girls came out! I really thought 2 Become 1 was a song about LOVE, not MAKING LOVE. Hahaha!

Fart #2: His holiness, Pope Francis has finally arrived in the Philippines today. We didn’t attend the meeting with the families in the Mall of Asia because a lot of us have office today, but my aunt (my Mom’s sister) and her friends went. She said that they saw the Pope and it was surreal. Yup, this is gonna go ’til he leaves by Monday. For a Catholic-dominated country, this is bigger than a One Direction and Justin Bieber concert combined. And we’re going to attend the Sunday mass with the Pope at the Santisimo Rosario Parish in UST (University of Santo Tomas) instead of at the Rizal Memorial Stadium (although, deep inside, I really, REALLY want to go there at the stadium because we were there when the last Pope—Pope John Paul II—was here for the World Youth Day. Nevertheless, I’m still glad that we will go,  but I can’t deny the fact that Pope Francis will pass IN FRONT of my cousin’s house in Tacloban when he visits their province this Saturday. I’m EXTREMELY jealous! They’re so lucky!

Fart #3: I had a dream last night about people in my life, people I haven’t talked to in a long while. I was at a grocery store, S&R, I think, when I saw Lea (Salonga). I think there’s a holiday coming, although I really don’t know what we’re both doing there. She was with some people I don’t know, and I was with, *who was I with?, I don’t know I forgot, when she suddenly calls for me. That was weird because she never called for me before, but I went anyway. I even held and squeezed her shoulders like a masseuse would, and I told her that she has a lot of “lamig” (nodules) on her back so I start massaging her. Now, I’m no expert when it comes to giving massages, but I do know how to eliminate back nodules. After that brief stint with Lea, I left to meet a college friend in the parking lot. There, we met another college schoolmate, who was a few years older than us and gave me a book. I don’t know what book was it, but I remember placing it on top of something near the gate before heading back the parking lot to retrieve our ride. Once we were out, my college friend and I met the same college schoolmate with another friend of hers and had late lunch at Dunkin Donuts. I went to the register to buy some food and when the cashier handed me my order, there was a note written on a tissue paper asking me “if I was a model because they were looking for someone that can represent their brand.” It was odd because, first of all, I am in no way qualified to “model” but I remember telling the girl that my dad worked at Dunkin Donuts once. I returned to our seat with my orders and the little discussion I had with the girl. My friends looked unimpressed. What very supportive friends I have. Ugh!

Fart #4: Tomorrow is my Mom’s 12th year death anniversary. Twelve years. I can’t believe we survived without her for twelve years. I can still remember the day she died, and the days leading up to it. It was probably the darkest day of my life. I miss my Mom. I just miss her sooooooooooooooo much.

Fart #5: How do you turn down a date with someone without hurting their feelings? Earlier this week, a former office mate asked if I was free on the 24th because he said that we have a “get together” with our fellow former office mates. I told him I’m not sure yet, since it’s going to be the weekend before I fly to Hong Kong, and I might be heading to the mall to buy some things I might need for the short trip. He asked me if they could accompany me instead, and I said, “sure, why not?” asking him who else is coming. He told me that one more office mate is coming and that he’s gonna be my “date.” This wasn’t the first time this office mate asked to meet me to catch up; he asked me early last December but I was too busy to say yes. When he told me that he was the only one coming other than the two of us, I suspected that he was setting me up with this other former office mate. I know because he has a girlfriend, so I told him, “WTF? Seriously? He’s asking me out?” Now, it’s not that I hate this guy, he just really isn’t my type. Plus, I HATE it when people “set me up” with someone. Do you have any idea how many people attempted to set me up with someone they know? First of all, it makes me feel like I’m desperate to have a boyfriend, which I’m not, and second, seeing someone that someone else knows makes me feel obligated to date that person. That doesn’t work for me! So, again, how do you turn down someone in the most polite possible way?

Help out the girl, please.





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