You can the kid out of the Disney, but you can’t the Disney out of the kid… even if she grows old.

07th January, 2015. 1:45pm

adults who love disney

Sometimes, you don’t have to be in Disneyland to feel like a kid again.
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Sometimes, I wish I was Peter Pan, never growing old. Other times, I feel so blessed to have finally grown up; past all those sappy fairy tales that never actually happen in real life. But I was a Disney girl. I grew up reading fairy tales and watching classic Disney movies, even though, at the time, I never really understood what those classic fairy tales mean.

Here I am, sitting in front of my laptop and supposedly working, when Let It Go blasted on iTunes. Just like that, I was swept away with my Fairy God Mother to take me back to childhood.

I mean, okay, so Frozen happened way past my childhood. But it’s classic Disney film that I have grown to love, that every girl and boy my age have grown to love. When you hear a song as great as this, you can’t help but feel like a kid again.

So no, I just can’t let it go. I don’t even need my young nephew and nieces to be physically here to listen to those songs. I have an entire playlist on my iPod dedicated to my favorite Disney songs. I can’t help it. I just have to have it.

It’s also fitting because at the moment, I am (still) reading Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson. Upon reading it, I realized I sort of envy Peter Pan. I don’t mind at all that the Peter Pan I know now was the one from Once Upon a Time; a selfish brat who doesn’t wanna grow up so he abandoned his son so he could be young again and stay in Neverland. If I can stay young, I’d probably want to be 16 or 17 forever. I’d say 18 but here in the Philippines, 18 is when you start being considered a woman. So I’d pick 17, because then I’d still be a minor (here in my country).

Once you are done with your ‘teen’ years, people would say that you should be done with fairy tales and Disney films. But aging is just a number, not a disease you can catch. And being young, or feeling one even, it stays with you forever. You just have to dig deep and look back. It’s there. Always will be. Just make sure it won’t eat you up. ‘Coz that’s creepy. And crazy.




2 thoughts on “You can the kid out of the Disney, but you can’t the Disney out of the kid… even if she grows old.

    • That’s true! “Being a kid” again every once in a while is the best thing ever! You’re lucky to have been able to visit Disneyland every year. I wish I could go there one day. 🙂



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