Like the First Time All Over Again

05the January, 2015. 10:45am

First day back at work. At least for me. If you are in the same position as me, I hope you are having a great day. My day’s going okay so far, it’s just that my mind is still on vacation mode. I guess we all have hangovers from the recent holiday, don’t we? No matter what your religion is, or what your holiday traditions are, I know we’re all adamant about going back to our daily lives after such festive holidays. Especially the first day? It’s horrible! It’s like first day of school all over again!

Of my two weeks vacation, I think I managed to publish only two posts, which is very little compared to what I envisioned. I really thought I would have more time to blog once the Christmas vacation starts, but of course, I was wrong. I didn’t even finish my December NaBloPoMo and Goodreads’ Reading Challenge, which I feel so bad of because I only needed to finish reading 5 books in two weeks. I really thought I could finish it. I was prepared for it. I bought not five, but six books to read for the holidays PLUS the one I’m currently reading (Jodi Lynn Anderson’s “Tiger Lily”). I feel ashamed to still be (stagnant) reading this book for three weeks now because I thought I could finish it in one sitting. I wasn’t able to do that, obviously, because vacation mode took over me and endless tasks piled up.

J bookshelf 2014However, the great thing about the holiday vacation was that I was able to REALLY clean my room. I LOOOOOOVE how my bookshelf looks like now. I managed to fit about 90% of my and my sister’s books (she told me she’ll leave me all of her books so I arranged them in my bookshelf), but how I did that I’ll never tell. I boxed all my New Age books (Tarot reading, Dream Interpretations, Palm Reading, etc.) because I rarely use them but other than that, everything was in my tiny bookshelf. The only real problem I have now is where to put the new books I will buy this year. Maybe I should have written “bookshelf” on my Christmas wish list.

I have an awesome project this year with my awesome buddy, Lucile, which will start this month so I hope you could all join us there. I’m utterly terrified of this one but I really hope that this will work. I can’t tell you how excited, horrified and paranoid I am for this one.

Going back to postings though, today’s the first time I checked my dashboard since after the holidays and I was shocked to see 230 comments on my Spam list. I wanted to check each of them to make sure there are no legit comments in them. I’m only on page 3 and so far, so good. I hope there are no hams in it. If there are and yours is one of them, then I apologize for letting it take this long to approve your comment.

I don’t have resolutions for this year, except to be a little more selfish especially once my sister leaves (which, we’re hoping, is going to happen by March). It sounds bad, I know, but for someone who has dedicated most of her earnings to provide food for the table for almost 9 years now, I think it’s just right to start thinking of myself and my future, right? Right?




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