Movie Review: Gone Girl

03rd January, 2015. 2:26am

So, I just finished watching Gone Girl and I still don’t know what to make of it because it’s such a mind-boggling movie. It’s so fucked up in a good way but I can’t yet put my finger on how good it is because, how can someone get away with murder like that?

I mean, I love watching and reading things like this. I love solving problems, especially ones that involve mindfuck like Gone Girl. But since I haven’t read the book (it’s in my TBR list, though), I can’t compare the movie adaptation from the book. But, judging on what I have watched, I’m gonna have to say that Rosamund Pike did an awesome job as Amy Elliot Dunne. She played the fucking sociopath effortlessly, making me root and loathe her at the same time. Especially towards the last 10-15 minutes of the film, God she terrifies me!

Which brings me to my first question: how does someone get away with murder like that? If I was Nick Dunne, I’d run for my life! I would have my sister and loved ones as far away from that bitch as possible. Actually, I think the ending was so fucked up. Nick knows it’s not his child, why would he stay with her? I think that, if I was on his shoes, I’d probably lose my mind, too! To be with someone like Amy Dunne? God, that’s sick!

Towards the last few minutes before the ending, Amy Dunne said something to Nick about marriage and what’s terrible is those who don’t fight for second chance. She also said something like when you marry someone, you kinda have to take both the bad and the good. I get this, okay, I just don’t see how that justify the means. Amy told her husband that “she killed for him”, to save his ass from being sentenced to death penalty from allegedly killing his wife. Isn’t the wrong thing done for the right reason still the wrong thing? How can the police just shut their mouth after Amy mysteriously showed up?

God, this movie is so fucking my mind it makes me want to read the book and throw it out the window afterwards!




5 thoughts on “Movie Review: Gone Girl

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