Zombie Mode

19th December, 2014. 4:39pm

LStweet AFLSdindinI’ve been awake for 34 hours now (and counting). The last few days have been crazy. I woke up Thursday night (Manila time) at half past seven to attend the anticipated mass. I finished working Friday morning (Manila time), ate then took a bath and get ready for my next adventure; our Christmas dinner with Lea. Since it’s Friday, traffic is going to be hellish so me and my friends decided to leave early so we would have enough time in case we get stuck in traffic. We arrived at the restaurant with an extra couple of minutes to spare. By that time I was awake for almost 24 hours. Still, I wasn’t feeling sleepy yet or tired at all. I can even run the miles! 🙂

AFLS dinner with Lea is always fun. Aside from the great food and wine, it’s the conversation that makes the night even more memorable. I won’t go into the details about our conversation, but it ended about after almost four hours. I was surprised at myself that I wasn’t even sleepy by this time; I’m wide awake and jolly and crazy!

I went home a little after 2 today, which technically, is already the 20th (Saturday) here in Manila. And nope, I did not skip work. In fact, I am just about to do my work right now. *Thank God I already did some of my work yesterday for today’s work. Otherwise, I’m f**king doomed!

I was also able to still attend Misa de Gallo despite being awake for an entire day. I felt sleepy at times during the mass, but it’s okay. It was so worth it. I stopped working for a while as I type this. I just had to share my crazy, fun and memorable day. I’m actually feeling very sleepy and tired now, but I can still do my work. I have to. Even if my body and mind is already on vacation mode, I have to my job. And I will. Zombie mode and all! 🙂





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