You Are What You Believe

18th December, 2014. 5:45pm

NaBloPoMo, Thursday, December 18, 2014

Buddha said, “We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.” Do you believe this is true?

once upon a time snow queen shattered sight

See that shards of glasses around the Snow Queen?
That’s how it feels when you’re in your own spell of Shattered Sight.
Photo c/o:

I know we’re not talking about Once Upon a Time here, or any fandom for that matter, but I just wanted to echo the show’s thought because I think that there’s something about watching Once Upon a Time that I think is relevant to this quote. Buddha said, “We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think.” If you have seen the latest season of the show, you’d know that the Snow Queen was the big bad this season and in the episode Shattered Sight, she said (before she sacrificed herself) that she was a monster not because of her powers but because of what she let people turn her into. I think it was the same case here. If you let people think that you’re one thing, chances are you’re gonna believe it yourself.

And where will it lead you? Well, I’m pretty sure you’re gonna be as frustrated, delusional, psychotic and monstrous as the Snow Queen. But try clearing your mind of pain and sorrow and instead, replace them with hope and positivity, then happy endings will follow.

My sister once told me that my “hatred” and “anger” towards our father is eating me up alive; I can’t seem to be able to reach out to him because I’m mad at him. But the more I think about, and as days go by, I realize that maybe I do have my shortcomings and perhaps I should’ve been more patient but you know what, you can’t always save someone especially when they’re being clouded by their own spell of the shattered sight. He can’t make himself to be truly happy because he is carrying so much baggage since he was a kid. That’s one of the reasons why I want to stay away from him; I don’t want to become like him. I don’t want to live my life in my own vortex of negativity and hate.

I know this isn’t the fairy tale land, but who said we can’t get our own happy endings? Of course, we can. Happy endings may not always be how we envisioned it to be, but it does happen. I believe so.




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