On Moving On

17th December, 2014. 7:32pm

change ahead

Photo c/o: menopausecoach.com

Today, during the mass, our parish priest talked about “moving on”. He actually talked about how to get past a bad habit, but somehow, I find his homily a little too close to how we commonly know it.

I woke up this morning from yet another dream from the-one-that-got-away. In my last entry, he left a note on the board telling me to move on and be happy. Now, in my dream, we find ourselves back to each other. We were back in our old high school and I was roaming around the corridors when I saw him.  He looked at me, came closer, and grabbed my hand. After what seemed like years, I let go and left because I told him I have to go back to our dance room. When I got there, my sister and sister-in-law asked me to go home to get something (what it is, I already forgot). I texted him and told him to accompany me but I found myself in the car with my sister and sister-in-law, and we were on our way home instead. I saw the look on his face and he was sad that, once again, I chose someone else over him. I tried reaching out to him but he was already unreachable.

The priest said that one of the ways to get over something is Will Power. No matter what your bad habits are, if you really want to change, you can and you will. All you have to do is believe and to never give up. I wanted so badly to move on, but how can I do it if I keep seeing him in my dreams over and over even when I’m not even thinking about him? Why do guys do that; tell them they’re not interested then say they miss you? If you really want someone to get over you, why not just let them be? Why do you have to slither back into their life just so you can make them feel miserable again?

I swear, sometimes, my dreams hold more questions than answers.





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