Writer’s Quote Wednesday: Tuesdays with Morrie

10th December, 2014. 1:11pm

For this week’s Writer’s Quote Wednesday by Silver Threading, I’m sharing a quote from one of my favorite authors, Mitch Albom. (*He was, in fact, the first author I liked way before JK Rowling) It was a line from his book, (**the first book of him I have read and loved) Tuesdays With Morrie. I love this quote because it echoes the same sentiment I feel about life.


Photo c/o: pnoyquotes.com

I’m pretty sure you all know by now that my Mom passed away almost 12 years ago, right? This is one of the reasons why I still don’t understand when people say I haven’t moved on or why don’t I just let my Dad go find someone else. Maybe I am closed-minded, but so what? Why is it that, when someone we love dies, it becomes okay to find someone else? Why can’t we just stick with what was given to us? Think about it.




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