The Telan’s Angels: Shopping Galore

09th December, 2014. 2:50pm

You’re given unlimited funds to plan one day full of any and all luxuries you normally can’t afford. Tell us about your extravagant day with as much detail as possible.

Blair Waldorf and Dorota shopping

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In a question like today’s Daily Prompt, Feeling Fancy, I would have picked taking me and my entire family on a trip to   Disneyland, the Universal Studios, plus a tour in Paris and the world, and I’d probably go back to Italy. But since it’s just a day, I’d rather take them on a shopping day… and when I say ‘them’ I mean including my first cousins from both sides.

MINI Cooper Black Convertible

Me and my sister’s dream car – a black MINI Cooper
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Why? Because why limit it to just me and my siblings when I can take the best cousins in the world and share our unlimited funds buying whatever we want? I’d definitely buy myself a bookstore, that’s for sure, where I’d own every book that I want and the next books that’s yet to be published; I’d make sure of that. I’d also buy a new laptop, even though mine’s still working a-okay, because hell I could. And since we’re talking luxuries and unlimited funds here, I’d also buy myself my dream car, Mini Cooper, and a house. I’d also buy one for my brother, probably two cars for them—one that is big enough for his entire family, and one that he can take for office days. I’d also buy them a new house, and one for the rest of us. I’d do the same for my sister, okay, I’ll buy a small house and a car for my Dad, too, but only if I can make sure that those pests wouldn’t live and ride in it.

It has also been my dream to buy a place—a house near a beach, perhaps—where the family on both sides can go to during vacations; one that would fit all of us, complete with pools, spacious rooms, and everything we enjoy doing.

And since this is unlimited funds, and only to be done in one day, I’d also make a call and donate some money to our local church. I know it sounds over the top and unbelievable, but if I have more money than I need, I’d definitely give our church some funds, enough to have it renovated and extended, as well as fund their programs. All of that in one day.


Photo c/o:

But, if it means that I could give everything back the next day and will not allowed to keep everything we bought, I’d rather just take my entire family to Disneyland (have it exclusively closed to just us) and have the best time of our life. Then, as the night caps, I’d want Beyoncé and every other artists they want to have a concert. Now that is an extravagant day I’ll never forget.





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