Chef J

08th December, 2014. 2:36pm

NaBloPoMo, Monday, December 8, 2014

What recipe are you known for amongst your friends and family?

chicken adobo with pineapple

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I was in sixth grade when I had my first try at cooking. It was a school activity and we were tasked to cook a local dish called, Chicken Adobo. But since my group mates and I were such Pros in the kitchen, we decided to spice the flavor up by adding pineapples in it. We cooked one hell of a delicious dish that it made me forgot how it went. Since then, my love for cooking grows I might as well be considered a Master Chef.

Ha. Of course, I’m kidding. Me? Cook? Uhm, sure, if you’re talking about rice, fried noodles, fried egg, and other fried stuff. Nope, I don’t cook. I am, however, a great assistant. I mean, at least I’d like to believe so. I always assist my sister when she cooks spaghetti and desserts. *Wow. Spaghetti. What a complicated dish. Oh, shut up, at least I don’t specialize in JUST eating. I know how to cut those ingredients, too, you know… I think?

Now, just because I’m useless in then kitchen doesn’t mean I’m clueless. In fact, I loooove watching cooking shows. I love watching Master Chef, Eat St., 30 Minute Meals, Ace of Cakes, Everyday Italian, Unwrapped, and oh yeah, those Iron Chef shows (America, Japan, I watch it religiously like I have a bloody clue what they were talking about). I can, in fact, sit all day watching those shows and not get bored. I told you, I loooooove watching cooking shows.

And since we’re talking recipes here, one thing that me and my sister loves to make is the Mango Graham cake (or Mango Refrigerated cake is what other people calls it). It’s a dessert made of graham crackers, mangoes, gelatin, all-purpose cream and condensed milk. Now, this can be done without baking it, but ours is different. We do cook the all-purpose and condensed milk to give it that cakey feel when you bite into it. It actually took us a few tries before we perfected it, but third time’s a charm and we managed to cook the perfect Mango Graham cake that suddenly became a yearly Christmas tradition. Here, take a look at our masterpiece:

QJ Mango Banana Graham

Our very own version of Mango Graham cake (or in this case, Mango-Banana Graham cake)
It’s so delish I swear you’ll forget your name.

I know it’s not a main dish, but whatever. I’m darn proud of it. I may not be a chef but I know, I believe that if I just try, I can actually make one mean, delicious dish y’all wouldn’t be able to resist getting a second or third plate so just you wait. I will make it soon. I shall.




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